USA Today - Nov 8 2005

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Clues Answers
''Thereabouts'' ORSO
10th anniversary material TIN
1976 Olympics name NADIA
401(k) supplement IRA
Bing Crosby or Harry Connick, Jr., e.g. CROONER
Bouncy Jamaican music SKA
Bowery denizen, perhaps WINO
Cabbage variety KALE
Carpet thickness PILE
Circumvent OUTWIT
Clothes hanger option WIRE
Confidence-boosting REASSURING
Corp. hotshot EXEC
Crowd-sized server URN
Cubby hole? DEN
Debussy's farewell ADIEU
Deep Throat's employer FBI
Eco hazard DDT
Eschews a fourth-and-long pass PUNTS
Female reunion attendees ALUMNAE
Ghastly AWFUL
Go backward RETROGRADE
Grave letters? RIP
Grocery cart rider, often TOT
Having height, width and depth, briefly THREED
He cometh in a title ICEMAN
He thinks it's not easy being green KERMITTHEFROG
He was the first image aired over TV FELIXTHECAT
Hulk portrayer Ferrigno LOU
Hypotheticals IFS
Ireland, e.g. ISLE
Kazan of Hollywood ELIA
Kuwaiti official EMIR
Late parties SOIREES
Like Gen. Wesley Clark RET
Like some arguments HEATED
Ludacris output RAP
Make public AIR
Clues Answers
Mascot with a N.J. gravesite ELSIETHECOW
Maximum limit CAP
Merry undertaking LARK
Mint or sage, e.g. HERB
Montmartre Mrs. MME
Move around ROVE
Mr. Maverick BRET
Mythical Greek archer EROS
Noted public safety crusader SMOKEYTHEBEAR
Obedience school attendee PET
Obviously contrived HOKEY
Olympic skating medalist Michelle KWAN
One place for a slogan TSHIRT
Outdoor eatery CAFE
Part of a speaker's intro, often BIO
Passed handily ACED
Patient's goal RECOVERY
Pawnshop sign, perhaps LOANS
Peter or Ivan, e.g. (Var.) TSAR
Play on words PUN
Push to the limit TAX
Seer's skill ESP
Señora Perón EVA
Snaky character? ESS
Sports legend from Kentucky ALI
Starter for legal or graph PARA
Successor to F.D.R. HST
Sum of the first three prime numbers TEN
Takes a morning off SLEEPSIN
The Alamo, once MISSION
The Scales, to astrologers LIBRA
Thesis counterparts ORALS
They may be designated for rest or play AREAS
Trail LAG
Univ. Web letters EDU
Unruly crowd RABBLE
Word with light or line SKY
Yankee slugger Rodriguez ALEX