New York Times - Nov 6 2005

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Clues Answers
'C'est magnifique!' OOHLALA
'David Copperfield' wife DORA
'Divine Secrets of the ___ Sisterhood' YAYA
'Git!' SHOO
'Risen From the Ranks' writer ALGER
'Romeo and Juliet' setting VERONA
'South Park' boy STAN
'Two Women' Oscar winner LOREN
'___ Apart,' 2003 Vin Diesel flick AMAN
'___ cost you!' ITLL
12 months from now INAYEAR
1890's Veep ___ P. Morton LEVI
1930's-50's actor J. ___ Naish CARROL
1950's sitcom starring Ethel Waters BEULAH
1959 Wimbledon winner ___ Olmedo ALEX
1993 Robert De Niro film ABRONXTALE
1997 Peter Fonda role ULEE
:56, timewise FOUROF
Advanced degree NTH
Anthem contraction OER
Apart from others INITSELF
AT&T acquisition of 1991 NCR
Australian state: Abbr. NSW
Beam at the very top of a house ROOFTREE
Belittling sort SNOB
Bern's river AARE
Best way to drive ALERTLY
Best, as advice SAGEST
Between ports ASEA
Big name in ad agencies SAATCHI
Bills, e.g. CASH
Bird call SONG
Bowed, in music ARCO
Bowl parts: Abbr. QTRS
Boxer's punch HOOK
Brush aside IGNORE
Bullwinkle, for one TOON
Buster Brown's dog TIGE
Cable channel for kids NICKJR
Calendar abbr. THU
Calypso kin SKA
Cathedral bell sounds DONGS
Classic best seller by Betty Smith ATREEGROWSINBROOKLYN
Collectible Fords EDSELS
Combatant in una arena ELTORO
Cross ONUS
Defaulter's loss REPO
Do some carbo-loading, e.g. EAT
Don't just seem ARE
Exploits FEATS
Expressionless STONY
Fancy-schmancy LAHDIDAH
Feeling AURA
Female deer HIND
First prize at the 1992 Olympics ORO
Fivers FINS
Fixes up, as a ship REFITS
Forbidden NOGO
Free service started in 1905 THESTATENISLANDFERRY
Furtive SLY
Gambling game KENO
Garden bloom, informally GLAD
Go back RENEGE
Goons APES
Green piece of Paris PARC
He wrote 'Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun' MAO
Heretofore ERENOW
I, for one NUMERAL
Ingredient in Cookies 'n Cream ice cream OREO
Clues Answers
Irish runner Coghlan EAMONN
Irving Berlin's '___ a Piano' ILOVE
Is beholden to OWES
It can be found step by step BANISTER
Italian province or its capital ASTI
Laugh sound HEE
Lighter handle? BIC
Low in fat LEAN
Mail Boxes ___ ETC
Major industry of Madeira TURISMO
Merrimack River city LOWELL
Military joes GIS
Month in Madrid ENERO
More than exasperation IRE
Musical ties, essentially ARCS
Nancy Drew's guy NED
Nastase of tennis ILIE
New Deal agcy. NRA
Nobel Prize subj. ECON
North African port ORAN
Not your ordinary film director AUTEUR
One who's an -ologist, maybe DOC
Operatic prince IGOR
Opposin' AGIN
Ornate wall hanging ARRAS
Person seen in court SUER
Place for a tumbler DRYER
Politico Richards ANN
Popular 1970's-80's vocal-harmony quartet MANHATTANTRANSFER
Prankster's cry IGOTCHA
Printer problem JAM
Reacts to, as a joke GRINSAT
Ready to come out of the 109-Down DONE
Scientific research center BIOLAB
See 123-Across OVEN
Shaker ___, O. HTS
Sharp-penned Maureen DOWD
Shooting marble TAW
Sight from Turkey AEGEAN
Singer Terrell TAMMI
Siren's cause TORNADO
Snorkler's interest REEF
Some TV sets GES
Storm course: Abbr. SSE
Strong-arm COERCE
Sturdy ones OAKS
Talk radio feature CALLIN
Teens with tiaras PROMQUEENS
The Supreme Court, e.g. ENNEAD
Translation material RNA
Travel between the poles? SKI
Try to avoid hitting SWERVE
Turn's partner TOSS
Turndowns NOS
TV drama length ONEHOUR
Two of fifty EFS
What people follow when they 67-Across FIVEBOROUGHCOURSE
What thousands do on the first Sunday of every November RUNTHENEWYORKMARATHON
When said three times, finale suggesting uncertainty DOT
Wind up on stage? OBOE
With vigor CONBRIO
Work on more, as a farrier might RESHOE
Works with the hands KNEADS
___ greens BEET
___-Soviet relations SINO