USA Today - Nov 1 2005

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Clues Answers
''Gone With the Wind'' name OHARA
''I object!'' HEY
''You've Really Got ___ On Me'' AHOLD
''___ the Horrible'' HAGAR
Academic qualifications DEGREES
Apparel GARB
Bamboozles SNOWS
Battery size AAA
Be a director RUNTHESHOW
Bit more than a quart LITER
Catchall Latin citation, briefly ETAL
Cheer unit RAH
Chip dip SALSA
Counterspy MOLE
Crouch in fear COWER
Denver-to-Santa Fe dir. SSW
Does slaloms SKIS
Emulate a dictator CALLALLTHESHOTS
Exile of 1979 SHAH
Extended flourish, in printing SWASH
Frame's upright member JAMB
Garr or Hatcher TERI
Gets under the skin of IRKS
Grind one's teeth GNASH
Hand cream enhancer ALOE
Head an effort LEADTHEWAY
Hog-wild AMOK
Hole punch AWL
Inundated AWASH
It may be curbed STREET
It's awful when pink SLIP
It's in peak shape CONE
Item in a trunk JACK
Jim Davis character ODIE
Kitty feed ANTE
Laundromat fixture DRYER
Like a post-eruption landscape ASHY
Like organza or chiffon SHEER
Clues Answers
Like some birthday wishes BELATED
Liqueur choice AMARETTO
Mask features EYEHOLES
Massages KNEADS
Memorial column, briefly OBIT
Observe ESPY
Pack animal ASS
Pass along RELAY
President Arthur's middle name ALAN
Produced MADE
Refreshing coolers ADES
Sally Field role RAE
Screech, for one OWL
Shades of purple MAUVES
Similar to others AKIN
Smelting residue DROSS
Some collectible dolls KENS
Stimulate AROUSE
Susan's soap role ERICA
Swelling soother ICE
Takes a leisurely bath SOAKS
The 300 of Kew Gardens ACRES
They might be drawn STRAWS
They're a sporting bunch TEAM
Tome-filling tales SAGAS
Took pleasure in SAVORED
Turned soil HOED
Uncomplicated EASY
Under an elm SHADED
Veer to the right GEE
Waters or Merman ETHEL
What dieters should eat LESS
What happens when the sun rises in S. Calif.? UCLA
What those who make the tough decisions do? MAKETHEBIGBUCKS
Where some promotions occur INHOUSE
Yard portal GATE
Yes men, essentially ECHOERS
Zax or adz TOOL