USA Today - Oct 25 2005

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Clues Answers
A 007 player MOORE
Abbey bigwigs PRIORS
Abrupt rush of wind GUST
Acts as an omen BODES
An astronaut may get into it ORBIT
Banish from a flat EVICT
Barcelona-born surrealist MIRO
Baseball bat in the raw ASH
Be nomadic ROAM
Cambridgeshire cathedral town ELY
City on the Trinity River DALLAS
Corresponds, grammatically AGREES
D.C. fundraiser PAC
End of the small intestine ILEUM
Engrossed with INTO
Fifth Avenue event PARADE
Fifth word in ''American Pie'' AGO
Flightless birds of Australia EMUS
Folding bed COT
Gain an advantage GETALEGUP
Gear for supers KEYRINGS
Get ready to sprint? TOETHELINE
Giza-to-Gaza dir. ENE
H. Rider Haggard classic, 1887 SHE
Hauled on board HOVE
Haw partner HEM
Heroes' opposites GOATS
Inscribed stone slab STELE
Intimidating type of talk TRASH
Invitation from within ENTER
Jannings of ''The Last Command'' EMIL
Jetway adjunct GATE
Jokester WAG
Last qtr. kickoff OCT
Like robins' eggs BLUISH
Long in the tooth AGED
Lymph ___ NODE
Clues Answers
Make preparations PLAN
Mallard's cousin TEAL
Mercury and Roosevelt DIMES
Mild type of cheese EDAM
Milos Forman film that won eight Oscars AMADEUS
Mission San Antonio de Valero ALAMO
Negro Leagues team MONARCHS
No longer a frosh SOPH
Nonpareil IDEAL
Not exactly ABOUT
Old gold coin DUCAT
Pasture prattle, perhaps BAAS
Patella site KNEE
Period of penitence LENT
Poetic Muse ERATO
Prop in ''The Ox-Bow Incident'' NOOSE
Ray type MANTA
Red or Black SEA
Result of venting? LAVA
Sanctum HAVEN
Secondhand transaction RESALE
Shaw who admired Bix Beiderbecke ARTIE
Sleep lab stat REM
Slots site RENO
Spoil MAR
Star followers of note MAGI
Started the pot ANTED
Summon publicly PAGE
Triumphant shout YES
TV pioneer RCA
Twelve-year-old, e.g. PRETEEN
Type of infection VIRAL
Was on the varsity LETTERED
Waste maker? HASTE
Weapon for a raptor TALON
What a new parent may crave SLEEP
What a racehorse might do WINBYANOSE
Word with child or ladder STEP
Zadar native CROAT