L.A. Times Daily - Oct 18 2005

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Clues Answers
"Let's have no more of __!" THAT
"Lonely Boy" singer ANKA
"M*A*S*H" star ALDA
"Rush, Rush" singer Paula ABDUL
"So long" BYE
"What's Going On" singer Marvin GAYE
"Who's there?" response ITSME
"__ recall ..." ASI
2005 U.S. Open finalist AGASSI
500 sheets REAM
Actress Teri GARR
Addison's publishing partner STEELE
Anna of fiction KARENINA
Biennial golf competition RYDERCUP
Big name in computer chips INTEL
Bikini part BRA
Bookie's concern ODDS
Canadian gas brand ESSO
Coffee break hr. TENAM
Current measures AMPS
Daily charge RATE
Dainty trim LACE
Dark beer BOCK
Downed ATE
Ended in __: drew ATIE
Fall behind LAG
Financers LENDERS
First name in talk OPRAH
Folk singer Phil OCHS
Gardening moss PEAT
Get there ARRIVE
Golf clubs IRONS
Grimm meany OGRE
Height: Pref. ACRO
In __ of LIEU
Clues Answers
Itinerary details: Abbr. RTES
John saved by Pocahontas SMITH
Libertine ROUE
Library ID ISBN
Listen to HEED
Lose one's temper GETMAD
Macbeth, for one THANE
Male bee DRONE
Matched set PAIR
Mathematician Newton ISAAC
Monitor's beat HALL
Motormouth's "gift" GAB
Nav. school ACAD
One-million link INA
Period of increased births BABYBOOM
Physical condition SHAPE
Promising rookie BRIGHTPROSPECT
Say it isn't so DENY
Sink in the middle SAG
Speck in the sea ISLET
Start a computer session LOGIN
Stops ENDS
Strips for breakfast BACON
Strong glue EPOXY
Suffix with brom- IDE
Teen's hangout ARCADE
Thick carpet SHAG
Think tank highlight BRILLIANTIDEA
Toast opening HERES
Turner and a president IKES
Vegas winner SEVEN
Victoria's Secret item NEGLIGEE
Vocalist Sumac YMA
Wallet material LEATHER
Whatever ANY
__ Dame NOTRE
__ de mer MAL
__ kebab SHISH