Universal - Sep 7 2014

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Clues Answers
"Able was I ___ I saw Elba" ERE
"Born Free" lioness ELSA
"Hotel California" rockers EAGLES
"The Handmaid's ___" TALE
"The Tommyknockers" author STEPHENKING
Acoustic organ EAR
Actress Moreno RITA
Architect's wing ELL
Art ___ (Erte's genre) DECO
Astronaut with Armstrong and Collins ALDRIN
Attorney's fee RETAINER
Barcelonan's "I love" AMO
Batting statistic AVERAGE
Canadian / United States divide BORDER
Cargo cases CRATES
Cash-for-goods place PAWNSHOP
Cast out EGEST
Certain criminal activities HOLDUPS
Clears, on a pay stub NETS
Commanded right GEED
Corduroy features RIDGES
Coterie CLIQUE
Domingo rendition ARIA
Donkey kin ASS
English liquid measure LITRE
Everything, in Essen ALLES
Feudal worker ESNE
Fine and dandy AOK
Gallery display ART
Garbo of film GRETA
George of "Star Trek" TAKEI
Go bananas SNAP
Good place to be kicked? UPSTAIRS
Hamburg's river ELBE
Hardly serious writing DRIVEL
Hawaii's rare goose NENE
He wrote "Defence of Fort M'Henry" KEY
Immigrant's course, briefly ESL
Clues Answers
Inaccessible place IVORYCASTLE
Indian language HINDI
Inhabited by ghosts HAUNTED
It's nothing NIL
Kind of blanket WET
Kind of surgery ELECTIVE
Looking at a looker OGLING
Marceau's mime character BIP
Moonshine maker STILL
More than cheerfulness GLEE
Motion detector, e.g SENSOR
Move through tulips? TIPTOE
No one in particular ANY
Old English letter EDH
Org. with eligibility rules NCAA
Physiological thresholds LIMENS
Record store purchases CDS
Romanian currency LEU
Rule of evidence ESTOPPEL
Ship's heading (Abbr.) NNE
Skep mama? QUEENBEE
Slide presentation? AMOEBA
Split 50-50 DIVIDE
Strikebreaker SCAB
Strong cotton thread LISLE
Subscription length, often YEAR
Take a stripe from DEMOTE
Take care of SEETO
Tankard contents ALE
Tennis ranking SEED
The risks involved PERILS
Titanic and Lusitania LINERS
To the point TERSE
Type of locomotive DIESEL
Unconventional ODD
Whitney Houston's record label, once ARISTA
___ capita income PER