New York Times - Aug 15 1998

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Clues Answers
'The Feminine Mystique' subject WOMENSLIB
'___ a pity' TIS
'___ Calloways' (1965 Disney film) THOSE
'___ Darlin'' (1958 hit) SUSIE
'___ said...' ASI
A quarter of four ONE
Adequate, once ENOW
Belgian composer Eugène ___ YSAYE
Betray, in a way TWOTIME
Capital just west of 0 degrees longitude ACCRA
Certain edit. of the Bible STD
Chemical ending ANE
Cleveland-based high-tech co. TRW
Companion of Cupid DANCER
Confesses OWNSUP
Dictionary features CROSSREFERENCES
Drained SPENT
Evaluate ASSESS
Evening event SOIREE
Evidence of changes ERASURES
First-rate ACE
Handled RAN
Harness part HAME
Has no worries RESTSEASY
Hip attachments? STERS
Is offensive, in a way REEKS
It may be registered TRADENAME
Keep out DEBAR
Kind of battery SOLAR
Kind of rubber INDIA
Legal item RES
Lift, so to speak COP
Like some educations IVYLEAGUE
Makeup supplies EYELINERS
Clues Answers
Merry-go-round figure, to a child HORSY
Movie V.I.P.: Abbr. DIR
Old-time actress Murray and others MAES
Parisian possessive AMOI
Pond denizen EFT
Poses SITS
Pound PELT
Pretension ARTINESS
Radiation unit REM
Restaurant supplies TRAYS
Right of passage CLEARANCE
Rioter, perhaps STONER
Rousing cheer OLE
Said together CHORUSED
Self-dismissive remark IGNOREME
Shih Ching composition ODE
Sign glimpsed on televised games HIMOM
Signs INKS
Simile phrase LIKEA
Skater Midori ITO
Small fry TYKES
Squeeze (out) EKE
Suffix with Cray- OLA
Super, e.g. CARETAKER
The Trump who wrote 'For Love Alone' IVANA
Three-time Super Bowl-winning coach Bill WALSH
Took a particular direction TRENDED.
TV Chihuahua REN
Went through vigorously RANSACKED
Where some buns are made SALON
Whitewash HIDE
Young followers? UNS
___ Berliner, inventor of the microphone EMILE
___ Peres (St. Louis suburb) DES