Wall Street Journal - Aug 22 2014 - August 22, 2014 - Series Final(e)

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Clues Answers
'Can't I? Please?' AWCMON
'Ein Feste Burg Ist Unser ___' (Martin Luther hymn) GOTT
'I should care why?' AND
'Life of Pi' setting SEA
'Ray Donovan' network, in listings SHO
'That ticks me off!' IMMAD
'Thy face, Lord, will ___': Psalms 27:8 ISEEK
'What have we here!' OHO
'You should be ashamed!' TSK
'___ ain't broke...' IFIT
'___ it my way' IDID
'___ Kick Out of You' IGETA
1974 hit '___ Care of Business' TAKIN
2004 Britney Spears hit TOXIC
Actress who became a first lady EVAPERON
Alternative magazine founder Eric UTNE
Alternative to Nikes and Reeboks FILAS
Anna of 'Nana' STEN
Apt anagram for 'they see' THEEYES
B to B, for example OCTAVE
Baby carrier brand SNUGLI
Bac-Os base SOY
Batch of Brownies TROOP
Best Original Screenplay winner at the 2014 Oscars HER
Blast from the past? ATEST
Blog feed format RSS
Capital of Qatar DOHA
Car wash device WAXER
Casablanca's country: Abbr MOR
Cheerleaders' cries RAHS
Cocktail hour treats CANAPES
Cold War news service TASS
Contemporary of Parker and Monk GILLESPIE
Cube of deux HUIT
Dennings of '2 Broke Girls' KAT
Disney head Bob IGER
Disposition MOOD
Do business? SALON
Doddery OLD
Eliel Saarinen's son EERO
Every one ALL
Felt so inclined WANTEDTO
Forthwith ATONCE
Fox News head Roger AILES
From the thrift shop, say USED
God who takes a bow? EROS
Have an inspiration INHALE
Highest-grossing film before 'Star Wars' JAWS
Insignificant person TWIT
Island of southern Japan, familiarly IWO
It may be emotional SCAR
It often follows directions ERN
It typically lasts half a minute TVAD
Its loft is less than a niblick's MASHIE
Joe DiMaggio's brother DOM
Joins the highway traffic MERGES
Lacking in variety ONENOTE
Lawsuit basis TORT
Letter from abroad ETA
Like a play that's been whistled DEAD
Like many Doris Day movies ROMANTIC
Like Sen. King and Sen. Sanders IND
List-shortening abbrs ETCS
Look at a Nook, say READ
Malden and Marx KARLS
Miscalculate ERR
Mortgage calculation acronym PITI
Clues Answers
Most hateful EVILEST
Most underhanded SLYEST
Motorbus forerunners TRAMS
Mouthed (off) NOISED
Name meaning 'lion' in Hebrew ARI
New USNA grad ENS
Nittany Lions' sch PSU
Nuclear reaction starter? THERMO
Nursery purchases SEEDS
One of the archangels GABRIEL
One way to recite FROMMEMORY
One way you might love somebody TOBITS
Ordered BADE
Overhead bin fill VALISES
Pilot, e.g GASJET
Post-workout woe ACHE
Predecessor of George I ANNE
Punta del ___ (Uruguayan resort) ESTE
Put under SEDATE
Reaction to a pretty mademoiselle OOHLALA
Recounts TELLSOF
Rush setting FRAT
San ___, Argentina ISIDRO
Sci-fi figures ETS
Second-to-last position, numerically TENSPLACE
Series about a capable blood drawer? THEPRICKISRIGHT
Series about a coffee shop's popular convenience? THEGOODWIFI
Series about a couple going for a stroll? THEWALKINGDYAD
Series about a hairless cow? JERSEYSHORN
Series about a sport with really big teams? GAMEOFTHRONGS
Series about clockmakers? LETSMAKEADIAL
Series about the Mideast economy? THERIALWORLD
Series about the owner of an always broken elevator? MYSOCALLEDLIFT
Series that introduces a goody two-shoes? MEETTHEPRISS
Sherbet choice ORANGE
Shortstop Ripken CAL
Side adjacent to the hypotenuse LEG
Slander DEFAME
Some bow ties NOODLES
Some sweaters VNECKS
Somewhat AMITE
Spall of 'Life of Pi' RAFE
Speed skater who won gold at the 2010 Olympics SHANIDAVIS
Squat amphibian TOAD
Stand by for AWAIT
Stiff wind GALE
Substitutes for ACTSAS
Suite spot HOTEL
Takeoff guesstimate: Abbr ETD
Thick slice SLAB
Three after D EFG
Tiny terror IMP
Unchanging STATIC
Up to, briefly TIL
Violinist Mischa ELMAN
Wall St. maneuver LBO
Was a parasite SPONGED
Weaselly sort SNEAK
Web page basis HTML
What a cannon might shoot in an NBA arena TSHIRT
William and Harry, e.g PRINCES
Woeful cry OHME
Word with mail or box VOICE
Words with dare or tear ONA
Worked at a rave, perhaps DJED
Worked in a bed HOED
___ accompli FAIT
___ fide BONA
___-80 (early home computer) TRS
___-Hoo (chocolate drink) YOO