The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 26,347 - Aug 25 2014

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Clues Answers
Accounts to be settled in large numbers SCORES
Action in open court is thrown out PROSECUTION
Brags about squash shots BOASTS
Capital example of a walled city, once BERLIN
Carried round a Pacific island BORNEO
Check repair to cables OBSTACLE
Cover for the flight may also include landing STAIRCARPET
Discovers there's not much left TRACES
Go away and experiment TRYOUT
Having little hesitation to decline WITHER
Hollow warning to sailors CAVERN
Just a step up from the gutter? KERB
Lurches uncertainly into the mess SHAMBLES
Clues Answers
Maintains a high level TOPSUP
Master moves in current production STREAM
Old copper useful in the kitchen PEELER
Quiet morning? Don't you believe it! SHAM
See lambs rounded up and put together ASSEMBLE
Shrewd number head for the bar CLEVER
The price of freedom? RANSOM
Upset over ban on bicycles CROSSBAR
Was in occupation, with mind to become a stakeholder TENANTED
Wing patterns in metamorphosis TRANSEPT
With ace forward injured, still manage to share the points FORCEADRAW
Works for degrees? The ones here have a point THESES
You won't score with this girl in a superior position MAIDENOVER