USA Today - Aug 15 2014

Clues Answers
"And what have you," briefly ETC
"As before," in footnotes IBID
"At the ___ Core" EARTHS
"Based ___ true story" ONA
"Cut it out!" STOP
"Hitchy-___" (Cole Porter musical) KOO
"Now ___ seen everything!" IVE
"World Factbook" producer CIA
Airport guesses, for short ETAS
Barely make EKEOUT
Barn-raising sect AMISH
Be of service to AVAIL
Belfry's place STEEPLE
Boy Scout group TROOP
Building material PLASTER
Caesar's word of welcome AVE
Campaigner's verb ELECT
Cattle-drive rope LASSO
Certain male doll KEN
Chop off, as a branch LOP
Doesn't just tear up SOBS
Dozens of inches FEET
Eat ravenously DEVOUR
External OUTER
First fill-in on some IRS forms LINEA
Fitting APT
Footsteps sound PITAPAT
Front-runners PACESETTERS
God, in Latin class DEUS
He may give a Yank the thumb UMP
Heavy, waterproof fabric LODEN
Introductory discourse PROEM
John, Paul and John Paul POPES
Leather strap TAWSE
Letters on a tire PSI
Mall tenant STORE
Medicinal qty TSP
Member of the flock EWE
Clues Answers
Menu listings ITEMS
Most like Pinocchio? NOSIEST
Musical matchmaker's moniker YENTE
Number on a liquor bottle PROOF
One of Snow White's friends DOC
One's own man HISSELF
Page of music PATTI
Pas' mates MAS
Regret RUE
Reproductive cells OVA
Rich desserts MOUSSES
Right-hand page RECTO
Rounded molding OVOLO
Sedimentary rock layers STRATA
Set of supplies KIT
Settle a bill PAY
Shell accessory OAR
Ship's lowest deck ORLOP
Singing the blues SAD
Some thieves PICKPOCKETS
Sour, as milk SPOIL
Spiral-horned antelope ELAND
Staircase components STEPS
Starter for "sayer" SOOTH
Statement of belief CREDO
Tackle-box supply HOOKS
Three-player card game SKAT
Trip and almost fall STUMBLE
Trivia, essentially FACTS
Type of bean or sauce SOY
Unproven ability ESP
Village of yore THORP
Vocal range ALTO
Whirlybirds, for short COPTERS
Winning finish? EST
Worms holder CAN
Yoga surface MAT
You can fill a lot with them AUTOS