- Aug 14 2014

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Clues Answers
''. . . __ lender be'' NORA
''Sounds good'' YES
''The Voice'' airer NBC
''You can do it'' TRY
Accommodates, as arenas SEATS
Acting credits ROLES
Adopt enthusiastically EMBRACE
All Saints' Day mo NOV
Astronaut insignia NASA
Auction signal NOD
B vitamin NIACIN
Be bold DARE
Become rusty GOSTALE
Book of Kings king SOLOMON
Carb source SPUD
Celestial ASTRAL
Choose (to) OPT
Clergyman, for short REV
Clinch ICE
Clueless expression VACANTSTARE
Clutches HAS
Connive PLOT
Continuously EVER
Could possibly MAY
Cow or sow SHE
Crew members HANDS
Cricket club BAT
Darn things SEW
Depend (on) REST
Domineering BOSSY
Duel tool SWORD
Expand upon ADDTO
Expresses contempt SNORTS
Extreme __ (action sport with sticks) POGO
Fills with fear APPALLS
Finished ahead WON
Flavorsome TASTY
Frank topping KRAUT
Fraught with danger DIRE
Clues Answers
Google oneself EGOSURF
Ignored, with ''out'' TUNED
Impassable obstacle BLANKWALL
Ineffectual executive EMPTYSUIT
Italian sandwich PANINI
Least viable quantity BAREMINIMUM
Legendary lawman EARP
Male caribou STAG
Masseur employer SPA
Miner concern ORE
Misdeeds NONOS
Not much time SECONDS
Nothing at all NIL
One form of ID DNA
One getting away EVACUEE
Perching aid TALON
Persona non grata PARIAH
Publisher of ''Our Children'' magazine PTA
Reenact STAGE
Sailboat feature MAST
Saunter AMBLE
Second of three O's, maybe TAC
Ski-lodge refreshment COCOA
Skilled practitioner ARTISAN
Slight amounts TRACES
State of matter GAS
Sweeping work EPIC
Symbol of Canada MAPLE
The scoop INFO
Tire meas PSI
Top of the head SCALP
Training session SEMINAR
Trucking measure TON
Undermine SUBVERT
Unglossy finish MATTE
Venus and Mercury's lack MOON
Warhol portrait subject MAO
Wine-shop display REDS
You might step on it SCALE