USA Today - Aug 2 2014

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Clues Answers
"M*A*S*H" extras, briefly MPS
"Ten-hut!" reversal ATEASE
'Twixt's partner TWEEN
A Beatle's spouse ONO
Anchovy product PASTE
Animal in a kids' song WEASEL
Artie and George Bernard SHAWS
Asset PLUS
Auto gauge TACH
Away from the storm ALEE
Ball's partner ARNAZ
Batman and Robin are a dynamic one DUO
Be decisive OPT
Be the victim of a sting? SMART
Biblical queen ESTHER
Brandishes WIELDS
British brew ALE
Burrito alternative TACO
Butterfly's cousin MOTH
Counterfeit cops? TMEN
Deplete USEUP
Double-curved arch OGEE
Dresser wood, perhaps OAK
Drumroll start RATATAT
Emphasize STRESS
Et ___ (and others) ALII
Exclamation of joy or victory HOORAY
Fergie, formally SARAH
Folk singer Guthrie ARLO
Foxhole entree SPAM
Free ticket PASS
Free tickets, informally COMPS
Girl or boy lead-in ATTA
Hands-on workplaces LABS
Hard drive needs? SHOCKS
High-pressure ___ AREA
Highway distance marker MILEPOST
Household tasks CHORES
In disagreement ATODDS
Clues Answers
Insulated sock FOOTWARMER
It comes after wisdom? TOOTH
It goes to waist BELT
It's supposed to come first SAFETY
Ivy League city ITHACA
Johannesburg coin RAND
Lbs. parts OZS
Library transaction LOAN
Like many fast-food orders TOGO
Minor movie role BITPART
Money in Chihuahua PESOS
Mythical gold holder POT
Na Na lead-in SHA
Nifty, to the Beave NEATO
North American capital OTTAWA
One of many by Beethoven SONATA
Orderly piles STACKS
Ordinarily ASARULE
Perfect test score IOO
Prepare the house for guests TIDYUP
Railroad supervisor YARDMASTER
Russian autocrat TSAR
School grades MARKS
Slowly permeate SEEP
Small, hairless caterpillar INCHWORM
Souvlaki ingredient, often LAMB
Spanish fleet ARMADA
Swivel joint? HIP
Temporarily out of service? AWOL
The other woman HER
They start many park signs NOS
To ___ (precisely) ATEE
Took wing SOARED
Trainer or professor, for short INSTR
Type of system or badge MERIT
What little things mean? ALOT
Writing style PROSE
___ volente (God willing) DEO