L.A. Times Daily - Jul 30 2014

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Clues Answers
"Chasing Pavements" singer ADELE
"Don't change that" STET
"I'd just as soon kiss a Wookiee" speaker LEIA
"Runaway" singer Shannon DEL
"The joke's on you" HAHA
"Understood" SAYNOMORE
"__ Boys": "Little Men" sequel JOS
"__ With Me": hymn ABIDE
Airport city east of Los Angeles ONTARIO
Apiary dwellers BEES
Appt. book divisions HRS
Artful stratagems PLOYS
Auto pioneer Benz KARL
Baseball card stat RBI
Calculus pioneer EULER
Capital of Belgium EURO
City near the Great Salt Lake OGDEN
Collectible marbles AGATES
Come to pass OCCUR
Come together MEET
Convinced SOLD
Cowboy's neckwear BOLO
Deceptive military tactic DECOY
DNA lab item SWAB
Emcees' responsibilities LEADINS
Emulate Dillinger ROBABANK
Entrepreneur's start IDEA
Farm grunt OINK
Fish-eating bird LOON
Friendly address KIDDO
Gastroenteritis cause, perhaps ECOLI
Go in haste HIE
Gum with a longtime eyepatch-wearing mascot BAZOOKA
Had-at link AGO
Kick back LAZE
Landed ALIT
Like fine port AGED
Like pink toys, stereotypically FORGIRLS
Clues Answers
Little of this, little of that OLIO
Make red-faced ABASH
Many a Prado painting GOYA
Nonkosher TREF
One brewing in a cup TEALEAF
Opposite POLAR
Opposite of alway NEER
Oranges opposite? APPLES
Picasso contemporary MIRO
Pinnacle ACME
Plains people OTOS
Pledge drive bags TOTES
Prenatal procedures AMNIOS
Prepare, in a way, as sweet potatoes MASH
Pull TUG
Right hand AIDE
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's lake ERIE
Rubs out OFFS
Ruffle FRILL
Run away, say REACT
Saturated hydrocarbon ALKANE
Says further ADDS
Score after deuce ADIN
Shakers, but not movers SECT
Spherical dessert BOMBE
Standoffish ALOOF
Stereotypical benefactor RICHUNCLE
Strong desire URGE
Took off LEFT
Trilogy, often SAGA
Vacation location SHORE
Waved banner hinted at by the ends of 17-, 36- and 42-Across WHITEFLAG
Went up ROSE
What a slight favorite has EDGE
Where Herod ruled JUDEA
Word after new or full MOON
World Baseball Classic team CUBA