L.A. Times Daily - Oct 2 2005

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Clues Answers
"It's __ or us" THEM
"L.A. Law" lawyer ARNIE
"Windtalkers" actor Christian SLATER
"__ Dick" MOBY
"__ Me a River" CRY
"__ Us": "Joan of Arcadia" theme song ONEOF
1930s St. Louis Cardinals nickname GASHOUSEGANG
Actress Mulgrew KATE
Angry SORE
Area 51 craft UFO
Attention HEED
Bacchus attendant SATYR
Ball-shaped cheese EDAM
Barcelona-born artist MIRO
Be false with LIETO
Be incorrect ERR
Be slothful LAZE
Blood fluids SERA
Blood of the gods ICHOR
Bonn article EIN
Bristles SETAE
Brogan adjusters LACES
Came again? ITERATED
Chan player TOLER
Charging result DEBT
Chimp, for one APE
City on the Vistula River WARSAW
Comeback ECHO
Comic Cheri OTERI
Con man? ANTI
Cook, in a way BOIL
Daydreams REVERIES
Deadlocked EVEN
Dick's running mate IKE
Dover draft CHEQUE
Eclectic magazine UTNE
Egyptian god slain by Set OSIRIS
Entrepreneur-aiding org. SBA
Ewa Beach, Hawaii, won its 2005 championship LITTLELEAGUE
Exercise suffrage VOTE
Fan's cry RAH
Film production unit CAMERACREW
Fireside shelf HOB
Fit one within another NESTED
Flavorful additive MSG
Foaming wave BREAKER
Formally agree SIGN
Friendly femme AMIE
Govt. ID SSN
Green onions SCALLIONS
Grenoble is its capital ISERE
Hockey target NET
Houston-to-St. Louis dir. NNE
Indian attire SARI
Inexperienced RAW
Insurance application datum AGE
Intense ACUTE
Island parting ALOHA
It's no novella SAGA
It's served by Gulf Air: Abbr. UAE
Ital. hot spot MTETNA
Jazz stints GIGS
Jon Krakauer's "__ Thin Air" INTO
Kazakhstan border sea ARAL
Kickoff team, in football lingo SUICIDESQUAD
Knitting loop PURL
Knock down RAZE
Clues Answers
Labyrinth creature MINOTAUR
Landlocked African nation MALI
Leading horse PACER
Link site CUFF
Look embarrassed REDDEN
Low-tech firefighters BUCKETBRIGADE
Market closer? EER
Marsh stalk REED
Menu phrase ALA
Merged TV family BRADYBUNCH
Mir launcher USSR
Moon starers, to astronomers ANAGRAM
Movie industry publication VARIETY
NFL placekicker Jason ELAM
Nocturnal bear URSA
NY Mets' division NLEAST
Old dictation takers SCRIBES
Palliative plant ALOE
Peel off SHED
Places for pennies JARS
Plant with hips ROSE
Pole ROD
Presley's entourage, familiarly MEMPHISMAFIA
Programs for purchase PAYTV
Psychoanalyst Fromm ERICH
Puts on a coat, maybe VARNISHES
Raise canines? TEETHE
Record choice SIDEA
Remote targets TVS
Result of a roundhouse, perhaps TKO
Rough sketch DRAFT
Sandwich initials BLT
Satchmo's singing style SCAT
Seeks the affection of WOOS
Shocks STUNS
Silent performers MIMES
Sister on "Dexter's Laboratory" DEEDEE
Six-shooter maker COLT
Skating revue ICESHOW
Slightly open AJAR
Slippery EELY
Smoother IRON
Some cheaters COPIERS
Staff member AIDE
Start of many a T-shirt slogan ILOVE
Started burning again RELIT
Stop shilly-shallying DECIDE
Straight from the factory MILLRUN
Striped quartz AGATE
Supermarket lines?: Abbr. UPC
Supporting charity DONATING
Sushi roll fish TUNA
Swahili for "freedom" UHURU
Take a breath INHALE
They usually go over the wall: Abbr. HRS
Three __ match ONA
Time off, briefly RANDR
Treeless plain STEPPE
Turndowns NOS
Voyage with Kirk TREK
Warm time in Chile ENERO
Word before "sweet land of liberty" THEE
Yale's Skull and Bones, e.g. SECRETSOCIETY
Yellow shade OCHRE
__ Bingle: Crosby nickname DER
__ de toilette EAU
__ Kippur YOM
__ Lanka SRI