New York Times - Oct 2 2005

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Clues Answers
'Charlotte's Web' monogram EBW
'Christ of St. John of the Cross' artist DALI
'Lay it ___!' ONME
'Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow' composer STYNE
'Tarzan' actor ROLY
'The ___ near' ENDIS
'This looks verrry bad for me!' IMAGOR
'Uh-uh!' NOSOAP
'Wheel of Fortune' request ANI
'___ the season …' TIS
1929 Virginia Woolf title AROOMOFOSOWN
1939 Agatha Christie classic ANDTHENTHEREWERENO
1980's Pontiac FIERO
1994 semi-autobiographical novel by Anna Quindlen OTRUETHING
1995 Ellen DeGeneres best seller MYPOINTANDIDOHAVEO
1996 Helen Fielding book made into a film starring Renée Zellweger BRIDGETJOSSDIARY
2000 essay collection by David Sedaris METALKPRETTYODAY
2003 Bill O'Reilly political best seller THENOSPINZO
A piece of a three-piece VEST
A pinch, maybe SNUFF
A thief might take one ALIAS
Absorb the cost of EAT
Actor Raf of 'The Italian Job,' 1969 VALLO
Actress Meryl STREEP
Actress Sobieski LEELEE
Alternative to oil GAS
Ancient Mexican OLMEC
Apelike SIMIAN
Applaud HAIL
Assault with a grenade, as a commanding officer FRAG
Atlantic catch COD
Author Jaffe RONA
Author Le Guin URSULA
Author Segal ERICH
Bad party guest BOOR
Battle reminder LIMP
Baylor's home WACO
Bebopper CAT
Before ERE
Best-selling 2003 Alice Sebold novel THELOVELYBOS
Big bang cause TNT
Bonnie's beau CLYDE
Capital of Hubei province WUHAN
Capri suffix OTE
Chinese dynasty HAN
Cookie fruit FIG
Disposed PRO
Dolled up ADORNED
Double-crosser RAT
Dr. Pavlov IVAN
Early American diplomat Silas DEANE
Exceptional RARE
Famed huckster BARNUM
Fancy ice creams GELATI
Fashion inits. YSL
Fast food inits. KFC
Fed. property manager GSA
Filch COP
George of 'La Cage aux Folles' HEARN
Grand ___, Nova Scotia PRE
Grazing spot LEA
Held off ATBAY
Henny Youngman specialty OLINER
Heroic deeds RESCUES
Imperiled ATRISK
Impossible to read ENCODED
Israel's Weizman EZER
It may need gratification EGO
Japanese martial art KENDO
Clues Answers
Kennel cry ARF
Kids' blocks LEGOS
Kind of logic IFTHEN
Larry McMurtry novel made into an Emmy-winning TV series LOSOMEDOVE
Last of a Monday-to-Friday series PARTV
Like poorly washed windows STREAKY
Like some translations LITERAL
Lilac, e.g. SCENT
Longoria of 'Desperate Housewives' EVA
Longtime photographer for Vogue HORST
Made up one's mind about SETON
Many a prom coif UPDO
Marx Brothers-like ANTIC
Massage locale SPA
Memo abbr. ATTN
Monopoly maker HASBRO
Move, quickly RELO
Musical Young NEIL
Nine: Prefix ENNEA
Not clerical LAY
Nursery arrival NEONATE
Of service UTILE
Olympic rings, e.g. LOGO
Operate USE
Pakistani tongue URDU
Pharmaceutical giant SEARLE
Pilot's dir. NNE
Place for a team's insignia CAP
Poet's inspiration ERATO
Press IRON
Protected, at sea ALEE
Provide food for many CATER
Ragtime dance OSTEP
Restricted area NOFLYZO
Rx instruction TID
Salad ingredient EGG
Sale site YARD
Schlepped TOTED
Sem. degree THD
Sibilant talk LISP
Signal to stop RED
Silver-scaled fish BREAM
Snouted animal TAPIR
Some dance records, for short EPS
Something a maid might break NAILTIP
Son of Prince Valiant ARN
Space chimp of 1961 ENOS
Spanish rice ARROZ
Springs FREES
Squares things ATOS
Stay too long on the beach BURN
Stephen King canine CUJO
Subject in foreign language class IDIOMS
Suffix with proverb IAL
Suffix with social IST
Take away the defenses of DEHORN
Take to court SUE
They give people big heads AFROS
Three of ___ AKIND
Toyota model AVALON
Trains in Chicago ELS
Vegas opening LAS
Very pleasant SONICE
Vitamin dosage OADAY
Winter Palace resident TSAR
[I can't remember the words to this song] LALALA