USA Today - Jul 25 2014

Clues Answers
"Cleopatra" extra FANNER
"Do ___ others . . ." UNTO
"Don't Look Back in ___" (Oasis hit) ANGER
"Float like a butterfly" boxer ALI
"It's been ___ pleasure" AREAL
"King Kong" star Watts NAOMI
"National Velvet" author Bagnold ENID
"Ocean's Eleven" centerpiece HEIST
"There's ___ here but us . . ." NOONE
"___ came a spider . . ." ALONG
"___ to Billie Joe" ODE
Apollo played it LYRE
Artful deception SMOKEANDMIRRORS
Auto loans and credit card balances DEBT
Auto option, e.g ADDON
Bacteria related to a spinach recall ECOLI
Being meddlesome NOSING
Big game, briefly RHINO
Bitter brews ALES
Bodybuilders pump it IRON
Book-jacket paragraph BLURB
Bundling cotton BALING
Camera part IRIS
Canaanite's deity BAAL
Candidate NOMINEE
Carpenter's tool ADZ
Cheese at Cannes, perhaps BRIE
Chimps and gibbons APES
Civil Rights grp. since 1909 NAACP
Computer programmer's acronym GIGO
Cry from the cheerleading squad RAH
Cuban folk dance RUMBA
Data, for short INFO
Do a farm chore ENSILE
Earth's satellite MOON
Established, as a fact GIVEN
Farmer's foundation SOIL
Clues Answers
Feathered talker MYNA
Flue dirt SOOT
Funny business ANTIC
Geneva-based UN org ILO
Hackman, Wilder or Autry GENE
Help out a borrower LEND
Hipbone sections ILIA
Hoover employee GMAN
House worker MAID
In a group of AMID
Increase, as the pot ADDTO
Jazz band's job GIG
Jazz combo, often TRIO
Kidney-related RENAL
Member of a New York nine MET
Moisturizer additive ALOE
Most vile BASEST
Mountain lake TARN
Movie holder DVD
Name found on many red cups SOLO
Nap after noon SIESTA
Obligated LIABLE
Old-time tale SAGA
One way to go out? INABLAZEOFGLORY
One who works with carpet or bricks LAYER
Pond floater ALGA
Present-day Persia IRAN
Ready and willing's partner ABLE
See eye to eye AGREE
Silkworm center of India ASSAM
Sounded a canine alarm BARKED
Sweet stuff SUCROSE
To's opposite FRO
Tokyo of yore EDO
Took a load off SAT
Vacuum-tube gas ARGON
With the least delay SOONEST
___ Vegas LAS