L.A. Times Daily - Jul 23 2014

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Clues Answers
"Alice in Wonderland" critter known for disappearing CHESHIRECAT
"Batman" villain THEJOKER
"Blessed __ the pure in heart ..." ARE
"Family Guy" daughter MEG
"__ obvious!": "Duh!" ITSSO
Aussie sprinters EMUS
Auto whose griffin logo was recently discontinued SAAB
Beige cousin ECRU
Big name in high fashion ARMANI
Binoculars user SPY
Biting, as wit ACID
Blue Staters, collectively THELEFT
Classy guys GENTS
Clumsy boats ARKS
Cornfield call CAW
Corresponding with ANALOGOUSTO
Cousins, say KIN
Creepy look LEER
Cry to a toreador OLE
Decides with a coin FLIPS
Egyptian cross ANKH
Engage in online fraud PHISH
Flagstaff-to-Roswell dir ESE
Flor del amor ROSA
Free TV ad PSA
Free-for-all BRAWL
Gets a move on MAKESTRACKS
Getting on in years AGING
G√ľnther's gripe ACH
Hail from a distance CALLTO
Half an etiquette list DONTS
Haywire AWRY
Image file letters BMP
In favor of FOR
Is more than a dream EXISTS
It may be bulletproof VEST
Clues Answers
Literary governess Jane EYRE
Log on to ACCESS
Lost one's temper GOTMAD
Lumberjack's tool AXE
Lush SOT
Monthly expense RENT
Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
Painting partly shown on the original cover of "The Da Vinci Code" MONALISA
Part of an ear COB
Pepsi, e.g SODA
Pepsi, e.g COLA
Poppycock BUSHWA
Poseidon's realm SEA
Protein source for vegans TOFU
Put into words STATED
Quebec/Ontario border river OTTAWA
Rattler's poison VENOM
Rejections NOES
Requiring less effort EASIER
Sci. course BIO
Short time SEC
Short time JIFF
Siena sweetie CARA
Sinusitis-treating MD ENT
Site of many school lockers HALL
Some emoticons, and defining features of 17-, 27-, 36- and 47-Across SMILEYFACES
Spanish folk hero ELCID
Staff notation CLEF
Take a wrong turn, say ERR
Tummy-showing shirt CROPTOP
Ubiquitous Mad Magazine guy ALFREDENEUMAN
Walk of Fame honoree CELEB
Watchful ALERT
__ Cruces LAS
__ hockey ICE