Universal - Jul 21 2014

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Clues Answers
"The first ___ the deepest" CUTIS
"Two eggs over easy," e.g ORDER
"What was ___ think?" ITO
"What ___, your maid?" AMI
"___ to a Nightingale" ODE
1950s first lady MAMIE
Advertiser's target USER
Alleged spoon-bender Geller URI
Arena levels TIERS
Atoms with charges IONS
August birth sign LEO
Band's booking GIG
Barbecue leftover ASH
Bedsheet fabric LINEN
Behaved humanly? ERRED
Beyond portly OBESE
Blacksmith's instrument ANVIL
Blood-type group ABO
Bobbsey twin NAN
Calf-roping loop NOOSE
Campsite bed COT
Capital of Ghana ACCRA
Cause for a massage ACHE
Clearance-priced SLASHED
Connected to the ear OTIC
Contract signer INKER
Desire greatly YEARN
Discoverer's word EUREKA
Dull and dirty DINGY
Ending passage in music CODA
England's Isle of ___ ELY
Fauna's partner FLORA
Fictional Twist OLIVER
Fleming or Holm IAN
Full-length, for one MIRROR
Get off at the terminal DEPLANE
Go down a slippery slope SKI
Clues Answers
Healthy fare SALAD
Hotel convenience ROOMSERVICE
Hr. fraction SEC
Impolite viewers STARERS
Islamic ruler EMIR
It has a floor but no ceiling OCEAN
It may be sweet and sour PORK
Italy's marble center MASSA
Lightly dismissing POOHPOOHING
Lo ___ (Chinese noodles) MEIN
Mature, as fruit RIPEN
Microscopic TEENY
Olive and vegetable OILS
One-time streetcar TROLLEY
Only companion ONE
Osprey's cousin ERNE
Part of MOMA ART
Passion FERVOR
Planetary orbiters MOONS
Quarterback great Bradshaw TERRY
Radiation measures REMS
Radio antennas AERIALS
Rear-___ (road mishap) ENDER
Roses-red link ARE
Rudder's locale STERN
Say cheese SMILE
Sings like Sinatra CROONS
Small sewing bag ETUI
Soak up, as gravy SOP
They might be classified ADS
Unchallenging EASY
Under-the-cushions find LOOSECHANGE
Underground discovery ORE
Use it for good measure RULER
USPS alternative EMAIL
Willing to help COOPERATIVE
Woodworking tool PLANE
___-do-well (good-for-nothing) NEER