Irish Times (Simplex) - Jul 15 2014

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Clues Answers
Arches over roads and railways VIADUCTS
City of humorous verse LIMERICK
Complete, absolute UTTER
Daily or weekly publication NEWSPAPER
Enclosed pieces of land FIELDS
Except if UNLESS
Faucet TAP
Flavoursome relish or dressing SAUCE
Fortified wine SHERRY
Gained points SCORED
Gilt or bronzed metallic ware ORMOLU
Hang things on them HOOKS
Happen again RECUR
He was delivered from the lions' den DANIEL
Huge noisy crowd HORDE
Implored BEGGED
Inventor of the phonograph EDISON
Irish organisation for women, initially ICA
Clues Answers
It's added to water supplies and toothpaste FLUORIDE
Keen-sighted bird of prey EAGLE
Made known to others REVEALED
Member of the family RELATION
Nearly hopeless DESPERATE
Nix, nada, nothing NIL
Observe SEE
Perky, like a bird? CHIRPY
Plant with spikes of tiny golden flowers GOLDENROD
Psychological suffering DISTRESS
Publicity booklet or pamphlet BROCHURE
Relative by marriage INLAW
Russian sturgeon, source of caviar BELUGA
Sag, wilt DROOP
Sets or fixes firmly and deeply EMBEDS
Small chicken and small boxer BANTAM
Throwing and catching almost simultaneously JUGGLING
Tiny dog from Mexico CHIHUAHUA