L.A. Times Daily - Sep 25 2005

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Clues Answers
"O! let me not be mad" speaker KINGLEAR
"Of course" ISEE
"Star Wars" conglomerate GALACTICEMPIRE
"Tess" Golden Globe winner KINSKI
"The Closer" airer TNT
"__ you loud and clear" IREAD
2000 N.L. home run champ SOSA
Ad hoc gp. COMM
Allied group BLOC
Alpine wear SKICAP
American rival DELTA
Annapolis frosh PLEBE
ATM entry PIN
Austrian river ENNS
Bank regulating org. FDIC
Bargain DEAL
Basin accessory EWER
Bedeck with garlands FESTOON
Bluefins TUNAS
Brownish gray TAUPE
Brunch cocktail MIMOSA
Card game with "Draw Two" cards UNO
CEO, for one VIP
Chimney feature FLUE
Clamorous AROAR
Commends highly LAUDS
Cool stuff hidden in eight puzzle answers ICE
Corny joke GROANER
Croat's neighbor SERB
Currier cohort IVES
Declare ASSERT
Destiny KARMA
Diablo Canyon output ATOMICENERGY
Difficult STICKY
Dillinger, notably PUBLICENEMY
Dirty digs HOVEL
Double-dealer TRAITOR
Dressing-down LECTURE
Drop off SLEEP
Dubbing title SIR
Eagle, at times GLIDER
Earthshaking event? VOLCANICERUPTION
eBay entries BIDS
Engrossed RAPT
Feathered mimic MYNA
Fervent AVID
Filmmaker Wertmuller LINA
First name in sitar music RAVI
Flabbergast AMAZE
Florence neighbor SIENA
Former L.A. Laker silhouetted in the NBA logo WEST
Former name of Tokyo EDO
From scratch ANEW
Get ready PREP
Gets trounced LOSESBIG
Guanaco kin LLAMAS
Gunpowder component NITER
Gym group activities AEROBICEXERCISES
Handy items? GLOVES
Hardly a Net asset SPAM
Have __: imbibe ANIP
Heckled RAZZED
Holm of "The Fellowship of the Ring" IAN
Intertwine ENLACE
It's not a hit MISS
It's over your head ROOF
Itsy-bitsy MINUTE
John of song ELTON
Keep for oneself, in a way NET
Ken Jennings's forte TRIVIA
Lab culture AGAR
Mill input GRIST
Clues Answers
Mme., across the Pyrenees SRA
Moist in the morning DEWY
Moon vehicle ROVER
Mother of Dionysus SEMELE
Name on the range TEX
Napa Valley figure VINTNER
Neck of the woods AREA
Neglect to mention OMIT
Negligent LAX
No constraints FREEREIN
Not overly titillating, usually PGRATED
Novelist Levin IRA
Olden days YORE
Packs down TAMPS
Piccadilly Circus statue EROS
Pitch in ASSIST
Plane complement AIRCREW
Plodding SLOW
Poetic contraction OER
Predicament HOLE
Prevailed WON
Prez's title CINC
Provide remotely, as Muzak PIPEIN
Punta Arenas's land CHILE
Puts in ENTERS
Quite a spell EON
Raptor trainer FALCONER
Reassuring phrase IMOK
Relay segment LEG
Request PLEA
Resinous substance LAC
Russell who played TV's Felicity KERI
Shrinking inland sea ARAL
Silk Road traveler POLO
Singer's self-titled sitcom REBA
Skylit courts ATRIA
Some whistle blowers REFS
Sounds TONES
Space-saving letters ETC
Spearheaded LED
Still-life subject VASE
Studied, with "over" PORED
Stunning fish? ELECTRICEEL
Swipe COP
Tach measure RPM
Tall hat sporter CHEF
Tampico tender PESO
They run when they break EGGS
Threaten MENACE
Time of the trilobites PALEOZOICERA
TV's "Kate & __" ALLIE
Two-time U.S. Open champ ELS
Tyler of "Jersey Girl" LIV
Undesired audience reaction BOREDOM
Unnamed quantity SOME
Van Gogh subject IRISES
Verge EVE
Vicksburg defender REB
Vinegary ACETIC
Walks softly PADS
Wedding car accessory? TINCAN
Went undercover SPIED
Whodunit motive REVENGE
Williams title reptile IGUANA
Winter quaffs COCOAS
Work on a sampler SEW
__ chi TAI
__ vincit omnia AMOR