Jonesin Crosswords - Jul 1 2014

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Clues Answers
"Bang and Blame" band REM
"Funky Cold Medina" rapper Tone ___ LOC
"Got that right!" SOTRUE
"That's interesting!" GEE
"This is only ___..." ATEST
"Veil of ignorance" philosopher John RAWLS
"___ blu dipinto di blu" NEL
"___ do it" ILL
"___ not" FRAID
"___ were you..." IFI
"___: Miami" CSI
A thousand times more than a mil BIL
Acknowledge frankly AVOW
Activist Chavez CESAR
Actress Mendes EVA
Airport terminal area GATE
Archaeological find TOMB
Away from WSW ENE
Bear with the medium-sized bowl MAMA
Big gap CHASM
Bridal veil material TULLE
Brother on "Frasier" NILES
Buzzfeed article, often LIST
Chin dimples CLEFTS
City, casually URB
Clumsy sort OAF
Common mixer COLA
Creature of habit? NUN
Crew gear OAR
Dig in EAT
E-mail request RESEND
Extra-spesh attention TLC
Fleetwood Mac's John or Christine, without any singing parts? SILENTMCVIE
Flip side? TAILS
Folder filler SPAM
Frequent, in poetry OFT
Full of spirit ALIVE
Get older with style AGEWELL
Go after flies SWAT
Go one better than TOP
Clues Answers
Gourmet Garten INA
Grading range ABCDF
Grazer's sound BAA
He was Sulu TAKEI
Instrument that means "high wood" OBOE
Intertwines ENLACES
Is guaranteed to work CANTFAIL
Isn't buying it? SELLS
It may need a massage EGO
Italian tenor Andrea BOCELLI
Jerkface ASS
Latvia's capital RIGA
Leave hastily BOLT
Little battery AAA
Long time to wait EONS
Maximum amount of "aw" you can get from cat pictures? THECUTERLIMITS
Meas. taken during a physical BMI
MGM co-founder Marcus ___ LOEW
Monopoly purchase, sometimes AVENUE
Movie with a stuffed bear TED
Nucky's brother, on "Boardwalk Empire" ELI
Oceanic backflows EBBTIDES
One wing of the Museum of Poisons? ARSENICHALL
Onion variety BERMUDA
Ordinal number suffix ETH
Put together ADD
Reagan Secretary of State HAIG
Redo some passages, maybe EDIT
San Francisco's ___ Hill NOB
Shrek, for one OGRE
Sinuous swimmer EEL
Sudden-death game, say NAILBITER
Tango necessity TWO
Taxi app UBER
The act of keeping a basketball player from leaving the team? FORWARDLOCKING
They may be pale ALES
ThinkPad maker, before Lenovo IBM
Two-syllable poetic foot IAMB
Welding tool BLOWTORCH
Word before nest or knot LOVE