USA Today - Jun 28 2014

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Clues Answers
"Rosemary's Baby" author Levin IRA
"___ pray" LETUS
1995 NCAA basketball champs UCLA
Action figure's name GIJOE
Average PAR
Bakery worker ICER
Beach sight SAND
Capital of Azerbaijan BAKU
Card-catalogue abbr ETAL
Casa part SALA
Cha-cha relative MAMBO
Commanded BADE
Conductor Seiji OZAWA
Controversial apple spray ALAR
County in southeastern England ESSEX
Dame ___ Everage EDNA
Dentist-turned-writer Grey ZANE
Despise HATE
Doctorow's international restaurant guide? WORLDSFARE
Dr Pepper, e.g SODA
Eve's second ABEL
Extend across SPAN
Fiendish DEMONIC
Give for a while LEND
Grammy-winning violinist Hilary HAHN
Hemingway's sequel to "The Daughter Gets Up"? THESONALSORISES
Herringlike fish SHAD
Huxley's novel about a wildebeest playing in the dryer? BRAVEGNUWHIRLED
Imitate an angry dog SNARL
Insect stage LARVA
Inter ___ ALIA
Inventor Whitney ELI
Israel's prime minister, 1969-1974 MEIR
Jacob's first wife LEAH
Letter medium EMAIL
Longest river in Switzerland AARE
Lots and lots SLEWS
Neat as ___ APIN
October's birthstone OPAL
Clues Answers
Old English weapon LONGBOW
Open-mouthed exclamations OHS
Othello, e.g MOOR
Out like a light ASLEEP
Perry's creator ERLE
Place in order ARRAY
Poetic units IAMBS
Pre-revolutionary ruler TSAR
Priest's vestment ALB
Programming language JAVA
Pushed through, rudely ELBOWED
Rani's garment SARI
Reebok competitor NIKE
Rings of light HALOS
Scott Turow novel ONEL
Settings for some sci-fi movies LABS
Sharp bark YELP
Shopper's item BAG
Small pouch SAC
Something old RELIC
Street urchin WAIF
Subway, in London TUBE
Tabby's sound MEOW
Tennis champ Nastase ILIE
The devil SATAN
They'll give you bills ATMS
Tolstoy's epic about vegetable rationing? WARANDPEAS
Type of front wheel adjustment TOEIN
Type of gas NOBLE
Use an old-fashioned phone DIAL
Video game name ATARI
Waterloo's location IOWA
Word in a Jim Carrey film title DUMB
Word with Red or White SOX
Words sung in The Who's "Tommy" HEALME
___ on the back APAT
___ tai MAI