L.A. Times Daily - Jun 27 2014

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Clues Answers
"... bombs bursting __" INAIR
"__ Kick Out of You" IGETA
"__ the night ..." TWAS
"__, I am not coop'd here for defence!": "Henry VI, Part 3" ALAS
21,730-pg. references OEDS
Author among whose pen names was Theo LeSieg SEUSS
Backslide LAPSE
Bangers side MASH
Big arcade name ATARI
Big shot NABOB
Bowl level TIER
Broadway opening ACTI
Buyer's boon SALE
Carson of "The Voice" DALY
Church official DEACON
Coal scuttles HODS
Colombian city CALI
Concerns FEARS
Countertenor's range ALTO
Cpl.'s subordinate PVT
Danger PERIL
DOL division OSHA
Early cover-up site? EDEN
Eschews the café EATSIN
Ferber novel SOBIG
Floor worker TILER
Growing field?: Abbr AGR
Harass HOUND
Heist unit ONEG
Home of the Munch Museum OSLO
In __: as originally placed SITU
It's always charged ION
Jewelry entrepreneur Morris ZALE
Juvenile salamander EFT
Keep under surveillance SPYON
Logan of CBS News LARA
Clues Answers
London can TIN
Ma and pa's retirement dream? LIVINGOFFTHELAD
Mauna __ LOA
Mike Tirico's network ESPN
Most likely to groan SOREST
Nahuatl speaker AZTEC
Natural balm ALOE
Needing quarters, perhaps COINOP
Not suitable INAPT
Opposite of 10-Down WSW
Opposite of 67-Down ENE
Outline TRACE
Popeyes rival KFC
Potpourri OLIO
Primary printing color CYAN
Pub order BREW
Pulls in EARNS
Racer Fabi TEO
Repeatedly, quaintly OFT
Round perch STOOL
Ruby anniversary FORTIETH
Rugged rides, for short ATVS
Scratch-resistance scale MOHS
Slippery-eel link ASAN
Sommer of "The Money Trap" ELKE
Sport based on vaquero skills RODEO
Stock answers? MOOS
Stutz contemporary REO
Texting gasp OMG
Tombstone lawman EARP
Totally amazed ... or, read another way, a hint to 17-, 24-, 41- and 51-Across BLOWNAWAY
Transport selling wieners? HOTDOGBUS
Undermine ERODE
Verdi adverb ASSAI
Willing READY
Woodsman's job? LOGDIVISION
Writer Wiesel ELIE
__ question YESNO