USA Today - Jun 25 2014

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Clues Answers
Acting part ROLE
Action from a springboard DIVE
Ages and ages (var.) AEON
Agreeable reply YES
Away from the wind, at sea ALEE
Beliefs ISMS
Big name in desktop computers ACER
Bird's beaks NEBS
Bonehead DOLT
Boston NBAers, informally CELTS
Busy travel day, often EVE
Cardigan or Pembroke dog CORGI
Certain Halloween vandal EGGER
Chameleon cousin AGAMA
Closing documents DEEDS
Colonial group ANTS
Computer operators USERS
Confederacy's opponent UNION
Cookie brand OREO
Coward's lack NERVE
Creature with graceful plumes EGRET
Decorative transfer DECAL
End to be attained GOAL
Extremely attractive FOXY
Faint trace, as of smoke WISP
From the beginning AFRESH
Hard or soft addition WARE
Inclined LEANT
Infuriation ANGER
It may have a general assembly? WAR
It puts the blue in blue jeans DYE
It's pitchfork-shaped PSI
Law-school class TORTS
Like James Bond SUAVE
Male deer STAG
Mellowed AGED
Movie studio constructions SETS
Multicolored PIED
Clues Answers
Muscular firmness TONE
Nasal partitions SEPTA
Neutral shade ECRU
Nonviolent protests SITINS
Nymph presiding over rivers NAIAD
Observe SEE
Old New Zealand natives MOAS
One may be on its last leg RACE
Palm reader SEER
Playground fixtures SWINGS
Poe bird RAVEN
Prefix meaning "half" DEMI
Projecting bay window ORIEL
Rapier relative EPEE
Remove a violin string UNPEG
Scarce supply DEARTH
Signs of unavailability ENGAGEMENTRINGS
Sister of Urania ERATO
Smooth-talking GLIB
Spinach recall bacteria ECOLI
Stone arrangement, like Stonehenge DOLMEN
Thing to negotiate for EXCLUSIVERIGHTS
Top-billed actor STAR
Trojan princess of opera ILIA
Unit of Cambodian currency RIEL
Unit of loudness PHON
Untruthful one LIAR
Wander ROAM
Way around Paris METRO
Weasels out of EVADES
What the "poor dog" had NONE
When donkeys fly NEVER
Where Cardinals and Ravens clash GRIDIRON
Where the smallest human bone is EAR
Willy-nilly PELLMELL
Word with free or secret AGENT
Words with "sleep" or "step" ONIT
Working stiff's dream EARLYRETIREMENT