USA Today - Jun 23 2014

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Clues Answers
"Look" or "must" adjunct SEE
"Whether ___ nobler . . ." TIS
"___ the time!" NOWS
180 deg. from WSW ENE
24-7, 365 business sign WENEVERCLOSE
Abstract form of the '60s OPART
Atoll enclosure LAGOON
Be a bad winner GLOAT
Centuries-old object RELIC
Churchill's gesture VSIGN
City conduit network SEWERAGE
Come into existence EMERGE
Cry from an auctioneer GOING
Edwin Starr protest song WAR
Egg-shaped OVATE
Empty-container weight TARE
Emulates a beaver GNAWS
Explosive initials TNT
Filled with wonder AWED
First Christmas travelers? MAGI
Garden shelter BOWER
Honey badger RATEL
Horseback-riding outfits TOGS
Hustle and bustle ADO
Interject ADD
It hangs from a mortarboard TASSEL
It's not an orig REPRO
Job for a band GIG
Lack of muscle tone ATONY
Like some Scandinavians NORSE
Looking down from ATOP
Make a long story short EDIT
Manhattan Project member Enrico FERMI
Met production OPERA
Minute fraction SECOND
Most wily SLYEST
Narrowly defeat EDGE
Native of Des Moines IOWAN
Clues Answers
Nattily dressed DAPPER
Nursery rhyme girl BOPEEP
Of value UTILE
Old Indian honorific SAHIB
Ominous date for Caesar IDES
One of the Earps WYATT
One of the inn crowd GUEST
One's life story, for short BIO
Parcel (with "out") METE
Payment for quarters RENT
Pelvis bones ILIA
Poems of tribute ODES
Poet's "frequently" OFT
Predicted FORETOLD
Pretty close-by NEAR
Private lunch? MESS
Pyramid part BASE
Related to Mom ENATE
Retort to an improbable threat YOUANDWHOSEARMY
Salty body of water SEA
School fundraising grp PTA
Seafaring raptors ERNS
Secret locks? WIG
Seize GRAB
Short-lived particles PIONS
Showed partisanship SIDED
Shropshire mother EWE
Take out of circulation RETIRE
Task list heading TODO
The "I" in TGIF ITS
The soft end of the Mohs scale TALC
They beat deuces TREYS
Tomato plant trouble EDEMA
Tree-dwelling ape ORANG
TV interruptions ADS
Western alliance NATO
Womb resident FETUS
Word with glades or green EVER