Universal - Jun 21 2014

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Clues Answers
"Much ___ About Nothing" ADO
"We're number ___!" ONE
"___ Care of Business" (rock classic) TAKIN
"___ show time!" ITS
African language BANTU
Andean animal LLAMA
Andy's radio partner AMOS
Antique auto ESSEX
Apothecaries' tools PESTLES
Assessed RATED
Assistants AIDES
Author Bagnold ENID
Ayatollah's country IRAN
Baker's offerings RYES
Barbecue offering RIB
Barnes & Noble and competitors BOOKSELLERS
Brick worker MASON
Bug-killing ecohazard, briefly DDT
Carpentry joint TENON
Change the Constitution AMEND
Chimney accumulation SOOT
Colorful perennials IRISES
Common lunch holder BROWNBAG
Cow's sound MOO
Creepy EERIE
Deprived of composure UNSTRUNG
Doofus IDIOT
Drill attachment BIT
Expansive grassy area LEA
Feel awful AIL
Filthy rodent RAT
Follow-up vaccination BOOSTERSHOT
Fresh-mouthed PERT
Gift ideas for prisoners? RASPS
Golf-bag item IRON
Greek underworld river LETHE
Gyrations in a bowling alley BODYENGLISH
Half a dozen SIX
Clues Answers
He might be in a cast ACTOR
Icelandic epic EDDA
Like some films INDIE
Linen place CLOSET
Little piggy's place TOOTSY
Lubricate OIL
Mantra sounds OMS
Men's underwear BOXERSHORTS
Money from Thailand BAHTS
More unrefined CRASSER
New drivers, typically TEENS
New Mexico art community TAOS
Noisome FETID
Not any, country style NARY
Numerical ending ETH
Oil from flower petals ATTAR
Old VCR insert TAPE
Overplayed one's role EMOTED
Permit LET
Planetary reflections ALBEDOS
Poem of praise ODE
Prefix with "classic" NEO
Quiver contents ARROWS
Sailing for pleasure BOATING
Salad garnish CRESS
Sand product GLASS
Schoolmarm's rod FERULE
Some feed on a farm OATS
Spain and Portugal IBERIA
Stretched one's legs? STRODE
That girl SHE
Type of bracelet or anklet BANGLE
Well-versed woman? POETESS
Whammy HEX
Wide of the mark ERRANT
With all one's strength AMAIN
Word with "fire" or "transit" RAPID
___ for tat TIT