Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jun 14 2014

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Clues Answers
Advertise local fossils in centre of rural communities MARKETSQUARES
After doing time with record holders EXCONS
American space agency rings director with question that relates to stock in securities NASDAQ
Artist rings Stein upset by drunk in Athens RETSINA
Bad start at institute in front of church in Split BISECT
Characters not going to prison in many cases? Sounds like you got that from the judge! MARKSOUTOFTEN
Chomp at the bit in tent? KEEN
Couple of writers attracted to Swan Lake presumably PENS
Destroyed by play on words rising on Hill first TORNUP
Destroyed tyros missing legal document DEED
Dismiss one of those fighting person on the take? CASHIER
Doctor let Ma in with minor illness AILMENT
Going in and out of panic-struck mob PACK
Heard in church, Portia not involved in misanthropy HYMNS
Hears storm to affect the sheepish types SHEAR
Heavyweight not making a return TON
Help leaders stuck on Sugarloaf SOS
It's expected regardless of one's input on extreme left and right of favourite FATE
It's relatively more corrupt with local gossip that is recounted first DIRTIER
Clues Answers
Keep in the shade introductions to accoutrements KITS
Lightening rod in central American city produced by local fool NINNY
Local medic covers up male chromosome swindle GYP
Lose head looking petulant for spin in the country perhaps OUTING
Mathematical subject discovered in software application AREA
Meatier stew from Muslim lands EMIRATE
No going back to bar where the surfers hang out ONLINE
One day, before long, produced seasonal event MONSOON
One of the best players of their generation describes cast ALLSTAR
One of them bred in Scotland and in Ireland around middle of Ennis ANGUS
Players hide article with answer to card game CANASTA
Rapid eye movement on the weekend is needed by those in 6 down WINK
Record one Semite getting face-lift ITEMISE
Sally's with Charles Foster Kane in the middle of taking in fish FORAYS
Sounds kind of like Jimmy Choo is worn by Long John Silver for exercise perhaps GYMSHOE
Surprise principals of Belgium's old order BOO
That missing adult admits Sir confused by desire THIRST
Top of the Polls perhaps? Sounds like an attempt to make those running parties more popular! MARKETLEADERS
Two minutes silence of late for raising hand to officer MARKOFRESPECT