Universal - Jun 8 2014

Clues Answers
"Agreed!" AMEN
"And ___ there were none" THEN
"Cool Runnings" vehicle BOBSLED
"Neither" compatriot NOR
"Tat-tat" intro RATA
"Uh-huh" YEAH
Actress Madeline KAHN
Adult's counterpart MINOR
Antiquated OLDEN
Ark builder NOAH
Assist a criminal ABET
Attack with abandon ASSAIL
Basil-garlic sauce PESTO
Blow away? ERODE
Branch of mathematics ALGEBRA
Case for small scissors ETUI
Cry from a lottery winner WHOOP
Dating material CARBON
Deepen, as a canal DREDGE
Depth charge target of WWII UBOAT
Dermatologist's removal CYST
Do-nothings IDLERS
Does a muffler's job MUTES
Family nickname PAPA
Feature of a bad air day SMOG
Flippable item LID
Freelancer's detail SPEC
H.H. Munro's pseudonym SAKI
Hammed it up EMOTED
Hand-to-hand game? PATTYCAKE
Head-moving assents NODS
Heron's hangout MARSH
Hiya, to Popeye AHOY
Hullabaloos ADOS
Inexpensive treats of yore PENNYCANDY
It holds things down MOLLYBOLT
It keeps one up at night INSOMNIA
It's written in stone GLYPH
Clues Answers
King Kong's kin APES
Like some swarms APIAN
Made beautiful to look at ADORNED
Manly towel material? TERRYCLOTH
Not for the squeamish GORY
Not spontaneous STAGED
Not the smartest extinct bird DODO
Noteworthy historical periods ERAS
Ocean predator ORCA
Oft-glazed treat, briefly DONUT
Partners MATES
Pedal a 10-speed CYCLE
Prop for a street magician COIN
Puppy sounds YIPS
Remain unsettled PEND
Rocky crag TOR
Roll call call YEA
Semicircular basin in a mountain CWM
Server's aid TRAY
Sharp glacial ridge ARETE
Shout of inspiration AHA
Sloppy home STY
Smallest-human-bone locale EAR
Some ice cream drinks MALTS
Sports complexes ARENAS
Strong, durable wood TEAK
Stuck, in a way BEMIRED
Table of values DATASET
Tarry STAY
Tennis-court dividers NETS
Toppler in a line DOMINO
Type of chart or rug AREA
Use a word processor EDIT
Vocal range ALTO
Was in a cast ACTED
Way that makes you pay TOLLROAD
Wine feature AROMA
Words with "precedent" or "good example" SETA