- Jun 7 2014

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Clues Answers
''. . . gambling their sacrifice for __ of magic tricks'': Rowling ABAG
''Extrêmement'' TRES
''Merchant of Venice'' expletive FIE
''No way, dude!'' WHOA
''Shawshank Redemption'' protagonist ANDY
''The Octopus'' of the Southern Hemisphere LIMA
''Week Without Violence'' org YWCA
2012 National Book Award for Fiction recipient ERDRICH
A crane might help you get it AERIALSHOT
À la Clouseau INEPTLY
Aesthete's bane PHILISTINE
AFI's #7 all-time romantic comedy ADAMSRIB
Algonquin Round Table member EDNAFERBER
Alters the course of DIVERTS
Best Actor Oscar winner after Sidney REX
Boxer, for short DEM
Candying candidate RIND
Committed TIEDDOWN
Consummate IDEAL
Cork-based IRISH
Craftsman products SOCKETSETS
Discomfit JAR
Egg or honey, often BINDER
Family-style Asian entrée HOTPOT
Faux-melodramatic gasp EGAD
Final in math NTH
Fudge SKEW
Goes over SPANS
Gregory's beloved in ''How the West Was Won'' DEBBIE
Grocery item that's soft CEE
Heavily reported 2005 merger BRANGELINA
Hollow DALE
Clues Answers
Inspiration for a ''Price Is Right'' game PACHINKO
Language that gave us ''quartz'' OLDSAXON
Like ''No Exit'' ONEACT
Lookout's cry LANDHO
Member of the dogbane family OLEANDER
Members of some convoys JEEPS
Mole goal INTEL
More, with less? XTRA
Noah ancestor ENOS
Obtrude, with ''in'' HORN
One of the Ancillaries of the Faith JIHAD
One way to concur IDO
Phrase akin to viz IDEST
Plant attacked by crown rust OAT
Puts in a spot ADVERTISES
Quipster who ''handcuffed lightning'' ALI
Running-water creation RAVINE
Salty marinade ingredient MISO
Sample TASTE
See 10 Down SLIP
Senate departure of 2007 LOTT
Showcase for digital artistry MANIPEDI
Something drawn on a table ACE
Spill, with 11 Down LET
Stress KEYON
Three-time Grammy Awards host LLCOOLJ
Ticker-tape parade refuser in '55 SALK
Unchecked AMOK
Unexpected IRONIC
Water's end LOO
Westernmost Old World mainland country SENEGAL
Writing Skills have been part of it since 1997 PSAT
__-Australian Plate (major tectonic division) INDO