- Jun 1 2014

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Clues Answers
''As seen __'' ONTV
''Fantasia'' frame CEL
''I agree!'' AMEN
''Make'' or ''break'' VERB
''Marriage Italian Style'' star LOREN
''May I help you?'' YES
''Odyssey'' author HOMER
''Put down your pencils'' TIME
''The Waste Land'' poet ELIOT
''__ went thataway!'' THEY
'80s First Son RON
100 lbs CWT
A zillion MANY
A/C stat BTU
ACLU issues RTS
Actress Mara of ''Her'' ROONEY
Ad word before a price ONLY
Annoying leprechaun? GREENTEASE
Antarctic sea ROSS
Anteater's noses SNOUTS
Antiquarian OLD
Babysitter's handful IMP
Be of use AVAIL
Begins a hand ANTES
Bestows kudos on LAUDS
Beta carotene source YAM
Better than awful SOSO
Big Apple, initially NYC
Bits of gossip ITEMS
Bizarre OUTRE
Bodybuilder's muscle GLUTE
Bond before Dalton MOORE
Borneo beast ORANG
Cask contents ALE
Catchall abbr ETC
Cerebral spark IDEA
Chairperson's prop GAVEL
Cinema snack-bar site LOBBY
Close in on NEAR
Coco __ (rum cocktail) LOCO
Congo's former name ZAIRE
Continually ONEND
Cornfield arrays? YELLOWROWS
Cotton source for hunting garb? ORANGEBOLL
Creamy desserts MOUSSES
Crumble away ERODE
Cultivates GROWS
Cuts back PARES
Decorative beer mug TOBY
Designer Saint Laurent YVES
Did a 10K RAN
Doorkeeper GATEMAN
Fabled racer with a second-place medal? SILVERHARE
Fine wood EBONY
Full retail LIST
Furniture store buy BED
Genesis craft ARK
Girder material STEEL
Grew tedious WORE
Guy in the rainbow mnemonic ROY
Had in mind MEANT
Harry Potter's owl HEDWIG
Has a look at EYES
Heckles RIDES
Hidden catch SNAG
High praise RAVE
Hindu title SAHIB
Hotel booking ROOM
Immodesty EGO
Individual effort SOLO
Insignificant detail NIT
Inspirational slogan MOTTO
Inventor Howe ELIAS
Clues Answers
Is imminent LOOMS
Is not up to par AILS
Island near Java BALI
Jewelry material AMBER
John Q. Public EVERYMAN
King of pop music CAROLE
Last UN member alphabetically ZIMBABWE
Left in a rush SCOOTED
Lei Day greeting ALOHA
Less lenient STERNER
Less numerous FEWER
Letter writer's sign-off ASEVER
Little fella LAD
Marina del __, CA REY
Mediterranean nation MALTA
Megastars, to fans IDOLS
Moseyed AMBLED
Needing an airing MUSTY
Not farmed out INHOUSE
Not fully shut AJAR
On this spot HERE
On __ (doing well) AROLL
Overwhelm BESIEGE
Passes quickly FLIES
Patches up MENDS
Peak years PRIME
Pintos, e.g BEANS
Place to graze LEA
Playpen toys RATTLES
Poet Teasdale SARA
Polished off EATEN
Popped BURST
Prohibitions for Junior NONOS
Put into law ENACT
Put to rest, as fears ALLAY
Raised at an Ivy League school? BROWNBRED
Real-estate listings HOMES
Refrigerant brand FREON
Request to a subscriber RENEW
River through Russia URAL
Sci-fi award HUGO
Seasonal front-porch music CAROLS
Second person EVE
Simple class EASYA
Singer Clarkson KELLY
Singer Norah JONES
Sketch out PLAN
Skewed view BIAS
Small portions BITS
Source of Smurf DNA? BLUEGENES
Southwestern capital SANTAFE
Speak one's mind OPINE
Sponge opening PORE
Storage containers BINS
String quartet member VIOLA
Sturgeon delicacy ROE
Substantial SOLID
Sunburned farm worker? REDSEEDER
Swimmer's stroke CRAWL
Sword handle HILT
Tabernacle instrument ORGAN
Tapers off EBBS
Teapot features SPOUTS
Teen with a hit record? GOLDMINOR
Ticklish Muppet ELMO
Tip of the ear LOBE
Track competitions in snowstorms? WHITEMEETS
Two-Oscar actor Penn SEAN
Variety of quartz AGATE
Very dark beers? BLACKBOCKS
Veterans Day mo NOV
Wield the scepter RULE
__ facto IPSO