New York Times - Sep 16 2005

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Clues Answers
'No more Mr. Nice Guy!' THATDOESIT
1962 expansion team METS
Actress/model Mendes EVA
Adds to dishonestly PADS
Apt to stay put INERT
Architectural projection APSE
Asian appetizer SPRINGROLL
Be hesitant HALT
Billionaires and their families, e.g. ELITE
Blind jazz pianist Templeton ALEC
Breaks in scores RESTS
Broken-off branch SECT
Cat burglar's need STEALTH
Certain peer EARL
Coagulate CURD
Colon composition DOTS
Curry of 'Today' ANN
Cyclotron inventor ___ Lawrence ERNEST
Diamond deals TRADES
Disappointing course finish ONEOVERPAR
Do major harm to RAVAGE
Draft pick ALE
Drive URGE
DuPont trademark FREON
Evidence of an admission STUB
Grp. concerned with lab safety? SPCA
He may carry your burdens BELLBOY
Holdover RELIC
Home of the National Automobile Museum RENO
Imparts LENDS
It made it past sirens ARGO
It's not jotted down MENTALNOTE
Just 'bout MOST
Keys on maps LEGENDS
Kind of bar SCROLL
Clues Answers
Leader of the pack? ALPHA
Lets go CANS
Like some bugs VIRAL
Literary invention of Archilochus EPODE
Lummox APE
Magic was part of it DREAMTEAM
Maned grazer WILDEBEEST
Marriage bond KNOT
Moon surrounder HALO
Native to FROM
Naturalness EASE
Nottingham is on it TRENT
Opening statement? LADIESFIRST
Opposite of hence AGO
Perch for an ibex CRAG
Plant of the pink family DIANTHUS
Plays for a sucker USES
Political inits. GOP
Rafts SEAS
Rhea, e.g. RATITE
Seat cover? PANTS
Sharp TART
Some crocks STEWPOTS
Spy tool, briefly CAM
Subbed SATIN
Supporter of a proposal? KNEE
Take for a ride DUPE
They're counted in gyms REPS
Trier trio DREI
Unfriendliness FROST
Ushered LEDIN
Without ABSENT
Y wearer ELI