The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 26,271 - May 28 2014

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Clues Answers
A Parisian conceals cleavage that's not fully developed UNRIPE
Achieve second gear EFFECTS
Book in bulk VOLUME
Business gets millions to carry on and agree COMPLY
Complain inaudibly? SOUNDOFF
Couple have nothing as a result of … DUETO
Court poser upset court official PROSECUTOR
Cup-holding king gives a wave BREAKER
Difficult to get on with youth leader STICKY
Dog food CHOW
Force speculator to have a nap BULLDOZE
French horn collection stays CORSET
Get rid of tax without alternative EXORCISE
Insecure favourite embraces a king PRECARIOUS
Clues Answers
Light carriage initially badly laden CANDLE
Mean to confine flower that's fibrous STRINGY
Mention pronounced eyesore CITE
Net value is adjusted — and that's final! EVENTUAL
Nowadays German approval takes money — that's touching! ADJACENT
Old coin from an Asian nation ANNA
Political leader promises to be dutiful PIOUS
Priest swallows drug — it helps in flight FEATHER
Prince not getting up for dance CHARLESTON
Rattle on about honour? That's insignificant! NOMATTER
Remedy for cold found in good offices MEDITATION
See inside an Irish bay horse GALLOWAY
Youth brewed green tea TEENAGER
… childish father's art movement DADA