Universal - May 23 2014

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Clues Answers
"Star Trek" phaser setting STUN
Aboriginal race AINU
Acme's opposite NADIR
All that a country makes (Abbr.) GNP
An ideal, in Chinese philosophy TAO
Anguish GRIEF
Babble on RANT
Bit of sign language? STOP
Build a levee on EMBANK
Capital of Jordan AMMAN
Check line AMOUNT
Collecting Soc. Sec., perhaps RETD
Consecrate, in a way ANOINT
Constant, as a liar CHRONIC
Criticizes (with "down") PUTS
Cross swords with DUEL
Do teacher's homework GRADE
Dove call COO
Downfall BANE
Edible corm EDDO
Fabled race loser HARE
Fleet members SHIPS
Fond du ___, Wis LAC
Forelimb bone ULNA
Fork feature PRONG
French novelist Pierre LOTI
Galley tool OAR
Get free (of) RID
Gloom's partner DOOM
Hibernation spot LAIR
Highly valued DEAR
Hop atop MOUNT
In a snit SORE
It occurs in joints GOUT
Kind of traffic THRU
Mashhad locale IRAN
Mexican stew pot OLLA
Clues Answers
Mythological blood ICHOR
Not a soul NOONE
Oktoberfest container STEIN
Partner of ways MEANS
Patty alternative LINK
Perform better than OUTDO
Petri dish medium AGAR
Phrase of appreciation THANKGODFORTHAT
Prefix meaning "new" NEO
Prohibited FORBADE
Pros with cons LAWMEN
Punishment rebuttal ONACCOUNTOFWHAT
Raccoon cousin COATI
Rephrase AMEND
River to the North Sea ELBE
Roughly ORSO
Sci-fi man/machine CYBORG
Scottish group CLAN
Seeing things? EYES
Small and spritely ELFIN
Smirk's meaner cousin LEER
Something to grow on ACRE
Stylish elegance ELAN
Suffix with "psych-" OTIC
Taverns have them on tap ALES
Teammate of Gehrig RUTH
The Tiffany network CBS
Thick-skinned creatures RHINOS
Tiny crawler ANT
Tony Shalhoub TV role MONK
Twist-apart cookie OREO
Way out there FAROFF
Whence the Magi came EAST
With almost no provocation ATTHEDROPOFAHAT
Word in a shop window OPEN
Word on both sides of "to" MAN
Word with "poker" or "blue" CHIP