New York Times - May 23 2014

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Clues Answers
'Casablanca' actor Conrad VEIDT
Actress in a best-selling 1979 swimsuit poster BODEREK
Affected sorts POSEURS
Arizona city across the border from a city of Sonora with the same name NOGALES
Ball ___ PEEN
Belled the cat DARED
Ben of 'Run for Your Life' GAZZARA
Blew away DAZZLED
Braves' division, briefly NLEAST
Camp David and others RETREATS
Capital of France's Manche department STLO
Confused DIZZIED
Crooked bank manager, maybe EMBEZZLER
Democrat in the Bush cabinet MINETA
Describing an ancient tragedian SENECAN
Downs rapidly GUZZLES
Emulate Eeyore MOPE
Existed WERE
Extremely EVERSO
Filmmaker ___ C. Kenton ERLE
Flusters TIZZIES
Fulminates RAGES
Genesis source SEGA
Head, in slang NOB
Inside opening? ENTO
It doesn't hold water COLANDER
It's a long shot HOMER
Kind of jacket FLAK
Kitchen bulb? FENNEL
Clues Answers
Latin America's northernmost city MEXICALI
Least flustered SERENEST
Life insurance plan TONTINE
Make less attractive? DEGAUSS
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John PRENAMES
Means of attracting publicity STUNT
Member of a biblical trio WISEMAN
Mitsubishi model whose name means 'huntsman' in Spanish MONTERO
Moon of Saturn DIONE
Mythical hunter DIANA
N.F.L. positions: Abbr RGS
Notable buried at the Cathedral of Lima PIZARRO
One of the books in the Book of Mormon OMNI
Ottawa electees, for short MPS
Patriotic chant USAUSA
Philatelist's abbr PERF
Proving beneficial AVAILING
Purple-flowered perennial OREGANO
Red-eye remedy VISINE
Rosalind Russell title role AUNTIEMAME
Soda, at times MIXER
Takes courses? EATS
Tattooed temporarily HENNAED
Weapons in Olympic shooting events AIRGUNS
When Winesap apples ripen LATEAUTUMN
Worker who often takes leaves BOTANIST
World Series of Poker champion ___ Ungar STU
Zero, for one OVAL