New York Times - May 22 2014

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Clues Answers
'Chicago' number ROXIE
'Cosmos' host ___ deGrasse Tyson NEIL
'Malcolm X' director LEE
'Open ___' WIDE
'The First Wives Club' co-star, 1996 HAWN
2008 TARP recipient AIG
A seemingly endless series ANOTHERONETHING
Actress Charlotte RAE
Against ANTI
Billy's mate NANNY
Bonus, in ads XTRA
Brand producers IRONS
Break time, perhaps TENAM
Brown competitor YALE
Caesarean section? ISAW
Cosmopolitan competitor ELLE
Does penance ATONES
Eastern band OBI
Évian, e.g EAU
Film technique FADE
Find the ___ (geometry test instruction) AREA
Formerly NEE
Fraternity letter TAU
Getting on AGING
Golfer Aoki ISAO
Green ___ BERET
Group of red states, for short? USSR
Jardin du Luxembourg, par exemple PARC
Jedi foes SITH
Knightly wear MAIL
Learned perfectly DOWNPAT
Leopold's partner in crime LOEB
Little application DAB
Long intro? ERE
Loser to a pair ACEHIGH
Make a long story short, perhaps EDIT
Name that's a homophone for 13-Down BETTE
Note to a spy, perhaps READINGBURN
Old station name ESSO
Clues Answers
One acting on impulse? AXON
One of just 12 in Alaska: Abbr RTE
One of the voices in 'Up' EDASNER
One with a bag lunch? HORSE
Pac-12 player UTE
Part of a krone ORE
Part of a pound CAGE
Pickup spot? NAPE
Pound QUID
Ray Charles hit of 1963 NOONE
Role for Helen Mirren, briefly QEII
Ron who played Tarzan ELY
Rule contradicted by science? CIBEFOREEEXCEPT
See 13-Down NOIRE
Snapple flavor MANGO
Southern hwy ITEN
Sported HADON
Starbuck's orderer AHAB
Start to do well? NEER
Stood out SHONE
Sugar substitute? HON
Surmise INFER
Taxonomic suffix OTE
They may be spilled GUTS
Tip for a writer NIB
Together INALL
Trail LAG
Twenty-one words HITME
Type of scam GRIFT
Undermine ERODE
Waiting, for the impatient, say AGONY
Whence the word 'robot' RUR
Wine taster's asset PALATE
With 62-Across, dreaded one BETE
Youngest Oscar winner in history ONEAL
___-B ORAL