New York Times - May 17 2014

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Clues Answers
'As if that weren't enough ...' PLUS
'Bonanza' brother ADAM
'Guys and Dolls' number that ends with the rolling of dice LUCKBEALADY
'Our Town' family WEBBS
'The Marshall Mathers LP' co-producer DRDRE
Air ticket info ETA
Allow OKAY
Anthem singers at the closing ceremony of the Salt Lake City Olympics NSYNC
Ballistics test units: Abbr FTLBS
Classic Doors song in which Jim Morrison refers to himself anagrammatically as 'Mr. Mojo Risin'' LAWOMAN
Composers Bruckner and Webern ANTONS
Couldn't keep cool GOTUPSET
Country whose currency is the shilling KENYA
Cousin of a zombie MAITAI
Dating inits BCE
Denali National Park sits on one FAULT
Domain name element COM
Eponym for a day of the week SATURN
Exercise in a pool, say DOLAPS
Fail at stoicism, say CRY
French seat BANC
Gray ones spark debate AREAS
Group living at zero latitude? PURITANS
Home of Utah Valley University OREM
Infamous settler on Galveston Island, 1817 LAFITTE
It's dangerous to run on EMPTY
It's often canned APPLAUSE
Italian artist with the largest painting in the Louvre PAOLOVERONESE
Lengthy undertakings ODYSSEYS
Like poodle hair WIRY
Many watch his movies for kicks BRUCELEE
Clues Answers
Natural barrier REEF
Not easily taken WARY
Number of signos del zodiaco DOCE
Once-common desert fighting force CAMELCAVALRY
One who puts others to sleep? AUPAIR
Opposite of hence AGO
Parlor with simulcasts, briefly OTB
Quick SPRY
Recipe for KFC chicken, e.g TRADESECRET
Recitation station DAIS
Result of pushing too hard? TILT
Revlon brand ALMAY
River crossed by a ferry in a 1965 top 10 hit MERSEY
Road sign silhouette DEER
Run down SNEERAT
Seabiscuit, notably BAY
Show time, in some ads TONITE
Slew TON
Sources of chronic annoyance BUGBEARS
Stand for a photo CAMERATRIPOD
Stuff sold in rolls SOD
Suppress STIFLE
There are three in an inning ENS
Three- to six-year financial commitment, usually AUTOLOAN
Tommy of 1960s pop ROE
Touches MEETS
Tree-dweller that sleeps 20 or so hours a day KOALA
Trunk line AORTA
Umpire's call LET
Where Mozart's 'Don Giovanni' premiered PRAGUE
___ du jour PLAT