Wall Street Journal - May 16 2014 - May 16, 2014 - Both Sides Now

Clues Answers
'A Doll's House' heroine NORA
'Crashing the Party' author NADER
'Dig in!' EAT
'Kidnapped' author's monogram RLS
'Mad Men' star HAMM
'Silence!' NOTAPEEP
'___-Pah-Pah' ('Oliver!' song) OOM
1930s world chess champion Max EUWE
Addresses, as a problem PFRONTS
Airport areas GATES
Alphabet book phrase ASIN
Alternatively ELSE
Anklebone TALUS
Appropriate SEIZE
Avoid the limelight KEEPALOWPFILE
Baking potatoes IDAHOS
Bars from the store? UPCS
BART map markings STNS
Basket material OSIER
Before now AGO
Being, in Bordeaux ETRE
Belgian painter James ENSOR
Bibliography abbr ETSEQ
Big blow GALE
Birds of the pampas RHEAS
Body spray brand AXE
Booking agent? COP
Boomer's baby XER
Bourbon leaders ROIS
Boxer's warning SNARL
Butcher shop buy RUMPAST
Byron's 'avenger' TIME
Call at home SAFE
Can't stand HATE
Carnival treat SNOPE
Chain that merged with AMC Theatres LOEWS
Charles Swann's creator MARCELPUST
Chef's special, usually ENTREE
Chief justice who wrote the Dred Scott decision TANEY
Chop shop arrival HOTCAR
Church keys? ORGAN
Clubs used at clubs IRONS
Copy for marking up GALLEYPOF
Counter offer? LUNCH
Court setting GYM
Creosote source TAR
Dean's 'Rebel Without a Cause' co-star MINEO
Degree hurdle ORALEXAM
Diminutive suffixes ETTES
Does a laundry chore SORTS
Does an airport job SCREENS
Epistle apostle PAUL
Evidence for an IRS auditor RCTS
Fastball, in slang HEAT
Flute legend Jean-Pierre RAMPAL
Four-time Stallone role RAMBO
Freedom from guilt CLEARPSCIENCE
Full house sign SRO
Galileo's planet TERRA
Gangland gals MOLLS
Get cracking START
Gulager of 'The Last Picture Show' CLU
Half-moon tides NEAPS
Hard up POOR
Have unmistakable potential SHOWPMISE
Head for the terminal TAXI
Hippie celebration BEIN
Hippodrome shape OVAL
Hitchcock trademark CAMEO
Howard Hughes once owned it TWA
Clues Answers
Inclination SLANT
JPL overseer NASA
Kafka's Gregor SAMSA
Keep an ___ the ground EARTO
Largest of the antelopes ELAND
Le Concorde, par exemple AVION
Leaves home? TREE
LGA posting ETD
Like chocolate, to dogs TOXIC
Like many Poe tales MACABRE
Like the Ger. 'die' FEM
Lowest honor card TEN
Make like MIMIC
Marked by aggressive and speculative investing GOGO
Maximum amount UTMOST
Meadowlark's cousin ORIOLE
Melon accompaniment, at times PSCIUTTO
Modern treaty violation NTEST
National language of Pakistan URDU
Next in line for that corner office, perhaps UPFORAPMOTION
Notion PCEPT
Open, in a way UNLATCH
Parting word ADIEU
Piano's cousin CELESTA
Place for a Parisian picnic PARC
Popeye's creator SEGAR
Predatory eel PGER
Preflight pigeon SQUAB
Premiere sight LIMO
Prophet raised as a prince MOSES
Protracted LONG
Publishing house worker READER
Quick kisses PECKS
Raptor's roost AERIE
Ready for shipping BOXED
Rebelled RISENUP
Recipe verb ADD
Remained unused SAT
Richard of 'A Summer Place' EGAN
Rio fill AGUA
Sacred scroll TORAH
Seating behind business EPOMY
Series centered on a branch of the LVPD CSI
Serta choice TWIN
Shannon Airport's county CLARE
Sharp lookout EAGLEEYE
Shell game need PEA
Shuttle's place LOOM
Smoke signal? ALARM
Soil-replenishing strategy CROPTATION
Spaceship Earth setting EPCOT
Sporty Mazda MIATA
Stadium event PCERT
Stealthily ONTIPTOE
Suitable FIT
Summation symbol in math SIGMA
Sunset spot HORIZON
Tanning lotion scent COPUT
Tension-filled TAUT
Thinnest iPods NANOS
Topic for discussion ISSUE
Utterly despicable BENEATHPTEMPT
Vein contents ORES
Venison or veal MEAT
Waterfront walks PMENADES
Web address lead-in HTTP
Without a break ONEND
Yard supporter MAST
___ Sketch (classic drawing toy) ETCHA