L.A. Times Daily - May 14 2014

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Clues Answers
"Confidence in Motion" car SUBARU
"Dear Yoko" subject ONO
"Death in Venice" author MANN
"Fiddler on the Roof" song suggested twice by this puzzle's circles SUNRISESUNSET
"It __ hit me yet" HASNT
"Nova" subj SCI
"Savages" director Stone OLIVER
"Ta-da!" DONE
"What a shame!" SOSAD
"You're fired!" speaker TRUMP
Admits defeat SAYSUNCLE
Airline to Tel Aviv ELAL
Attila follower HUN
Beehive State college player UTE
Big name in antivirus software NORTON
Bing results, briefly URLS
Bird: Pref AVI
Brain scan letters EEG
Brewery supply YEAST
Bugs on a highway VWS
Champion, as a cause ESPOUSE
Cheating victim's cry THATSUNFAIR
Chicago Loop's __ Center AON
Coat lining FUR
Dating service datum AGE
Deletes ERASES
Designer of Hong Kong's Bank of China Tower PEI
Downfall DEMISE
Draw wages EARN
Drips in the ICU IVS
Editorial slips ERRATA
Egyptian president during the Suez Crisis NASSER
Far from abundant SPARSE
Funny Foxx REDD
Golf Hall of Famer Ernie ELS
GOP member REP
Gossip YENTA
Clues Answers
Has a knack for EXCELSAT
Inspiring lesson, perhaps: Abbr SER
Like our secret BETWEENUS
Logo on some sports bras SWOOSH
Luxury resort amenity SPA
Msg. to squad cars APB
Narc's org DEA
NYC gallery district SOHO
One-piece garments UNITARDS
Online order confirmations EMAILS
Overact EMOTE
Overact HAMUP
Pageant for under-20s MISSTEENUSA
Peso spender's pronoun USTED
Pipe up in the pasture BAA
Place name meaning "snow-covered" NEVADA
Program file suffix EXE
Rise precipitously SOAR
See 26-Down SEA
Size up ASSESS
Skin picture TATTOO
Spot for notes PAD
Still-life pitchers EWERS
Stratagem RUSE
Summer of songs DONNA
Tattered tee, maybe RAG
Terse meeting request SEEME
Treatment for burnout RESTCURE
Unsportsmanlike sort SOREHEAD
Website clutter ADS
With 27-Across, one end of the Dardanelles AEGEAN
Writer Ferber EDNA
__ Martin: Bond's car ASTON
__-turn NOU