The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 26,258 - May 13 2014

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Clues Answers
A bit of 9 10's demeanour went off without me RONDEAU
A game English soldier's bagged — sorry APOLOGIES
A northerner, of course ASCOT
At first, Eva Braun could be sophisticated URBANE
Available for purchase, now or in the future INSTORE
Backwards family with sheep triggered the space race SPUTNIK
Beautiful people lead ridiculous hunt sabotage PULCHRITUDINOUS
Being stupid in a tiny way INANITY
City is at the cutting edge in broadcasting LEEDS
Confidence in battle of the Home Counties? SECRECY
Contacts needed for this compiler's taking drugs without setback MYOPIA
Fingers in many pies trapped PINKIES
Generalissimo welcomed female compiler, relaxed with the Guardian and listened to this? CLASSICAL
Honesty can be disregarded; that's grim DOUR
International waters in effect from 12 August OPENSEASON
Clues Answers
It's partly digital if learning, or life, rang in exchange FINGERNAIL
Like the blubber in Homer's lacy pants LACHRYMOSE
OK to end on Mayday SOSO
Pansy among daffodils is symbolic SISSY
Requiring manipulation of the audience NEEDING
Revolutionary Karl Marx 50% income tax! EXCLAMATIONMARK
See 11 BEDS
Smuggle in blossom, one in Africa BURUNDI
Sounds like what you might need ATISSUE
Start to scream and shout about a horse being emaciated SCRAGGY
Success in borrowing rejected by Swiss capital option for sleeping partners TWIN
They divert the movement of foxes BAFFLES
Visualisation of shimmering mirage at the end of the valley IMAGERY
Weak passage in Vietnam by Pam Bygraves NAMBYPAMBY