USA Today - May 10 2014

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Clues Answers
"The Human Vacuum Cleaner" for one ORIOLE
Adam's rib? EVE
Amorous murmur COO
Announcement to passengers (Abbr.) ETA
Athletic competition MEET
Barney's sitcom boss ANDY
Beehive State UTAH
Behind bars CAGED
Biblical your THY
Big wheel VIP
Black gold OIL
Bootlicking FAWNING
Brood creator HEN
Calamities CRISES
Certain American Indian UTE
Certain celebrity's breakfast side order? KEVINSBACON
Certain celebrity's golf clubs? TIGERSWOODS
Certain celebrity's pop? GARYSOLDMAN
Certain celebrity's wallet contents? JOHNNYSCASH
Corporation boss CEO
Cortex output IDEAS
Damage done TOLL
Danceable tune JIG
Dedicated verse ODE
Enchantresses SIRENS
Expanses AREAS
Eyesight and hearing SENSES
Faux coins SLUGS
First word in magic? HOCUS
Get off the fence ACT
Give the dickens SCOLD
Gives in to oxidation RUSTS
Hairdo COIF
Handled glass MUG
Hawaiian island OAHU
Help for the puzzled HINT
Historical period ERA
Howard, Howard or Fine STOOGE
Clues Answers
Included in AMONG
Innermost regions DEPTHS
Inveigle LURE
Kind of life DOGS
Like some curbs in winter SLUSHY
Made a fool of HAD
Main computer part (Abbr.) CPU
Make evident EVINCE
Matador's trophy EAR
Menial worker SERF
Mystery or sci-fi, e.g GENRE
One who's next in line HEIR
Paavo Nurmi or Jean Sibelius, e.g FINN
Parrot COPY
Placed on the line RISKED
Portfolio units SHARES
Preamble to the Constitution? USS
Remove from the game BENCH
Reunion group CLASS
Saints' grp NFL
Sanitize CLEANSE
Shackles IRONS
Shopaholic's activity SPREE
Short publicity notice BLURB
Shows off or showoffs HOTDOGS
Skeleton's place? CLOSET
Spout for an audience ORATE
Sputnik's birthplace, for short USSR
Succors HELPS
Sunrise goddess EOS
The Fuller salesman's wares BRUSHES
The Refrigerator's team BEARS
Triangular scarf FICHU
Underwater detection technique SONAR
Unknown John DOE
West Indies beverage RUM
Winglike ALAR
Yemen seaport ADEN