USA Today - May 9 2014

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Clues Answers
". . . thus, we've spoken" ANDSOSAYALLOFUS
"Big Brother" host Julie CHEN
"Curses!" DRAT
"Here, there" ending ANDEVERYWHERE
"How unfortunate!" ALAS
"If all ___ fails . . ." ELSE
"Zorba the Greek" Oscar winner Kedrova LILA
"___ circumstances beyond our control . . ." DUETO
African currency unit LEONE
All dumps have them ODORS
Anagram of lean ELAN
Anti-Parkinson's drug LDOPA
Architectural wing shape, often ELL
Bit of pasture patter MAA
Blood line ARTERY
Casserole variety TUNA
Causing fright SCARY
Certain collectible artwork, briefly LITHO
Confection with sesame seeds and honey HALVA
Country in Jerusalem? USA
Court judgment DECREE
Dating preference TYPE
December song NOEL
Early fruit fancier ADAM
Exude a stench REEK
Feed, as a fire STOKE
Fortune-tellers SEERS
Funeral fire PYRE
Goldsmith's units KARATS
Isaac or Helen HAYES
It might stop a burglar ALARM
It'll bring down the house TNT
Jacuzzis' kin SPAS
Kauai porch LANAI
Kennedy and Johnson's Secretary of State RUSK
Lawyers' degrees LLDS
Leave the house GOOUT
Like many trees in winter BARE
Clues Answers
Like Shirley Temple's hairdo CURLY
Make changes to ALTER
Manila envelope feature CLASP
Maya Angelou work ANDSTILLIRISE
Money in 48-Down, once LIRA
Mud bank slider OTTER
Nile nippers ASPS
One to be paid PIPER
One who inquires ASKER
Partner of crackers CHEESE
Pencilless exam ORAL
Phoenix squad SUNS
Prankster's act ANTIC
Prefix for "drama" DOCU
Prepares to be dubbed KNEELS
Punishment guideline PENALCODE
Rabbit's relative HARE
Runner-up before Gore DOLE
Sacrificed OFFEREDUP
Santa ___ Winds ANA
SASE enclosures (Abbr.) MSS
Scottish Gaelic ERSE
Second son of 56-Across ABEL
Sing the Alpine way YODEL
Swedish pile rug RYA
The life of ___ (luxurious existence) RILEY
Throngs CROWDS
Troughs of bricks HODS
Verbally disrespect SASS
Well-seasoned stew SALMI
What U sometimes means YOU
Where to see "The Last Supper" MILAN
Without SANS
Woodard of Hollywood ALFRE
___ Allan Poe EDGAR
___ au rhum (cake with a kick) BABA
___ keyboard (types) USESA
___-do-well NEER