New York Times - May 2 2014

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Clues Answers
'Go, team, go!,' e.g YELL
'Martin Chuzzlewit' villain JONAS
'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' writer/star VARDALOS
'Trust me' IDONTLIE
'___ Pleasure' (Charlie Chaplin movie) ADAYS
1901 Kipling book KIM
Abdominal and lower-back muscles, collectively CORE
Actor Franco of 'Now You See Me' DAVE
Back AGO
Beauty JEWEL
Beauty's partner THEBEAST
Big celebrations FESTS
Big ___ BEN
Cartoon dog ASTRO
Celeb who got the 2,500th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2013 JLO
Change course at sea TACK
Common conjunction NOR
Delaware Valley Indians LENAPE
Easy runs TROTS
Embarrassed RED
Fashion designer Marshall LEANNE
Female lead in 'Brigadoon' FIONA
Fixed, as lining RESEWN
Football stat: Abbr INT
Goes head to head FACESOFF
GPS line: Abbr RTE
Groks GETS
Hip place INSPOT
Hung out to dry AIRED
It's by no means a long shot PUTT
John or James APOSTLE
Kind of pump TIRE
London's ___ Barnett School HENRIETTA
Looking sheepish, say GRINNING
Clues Answers
Mark on a card PIP
Modern traffic director? CLICKBAIT
News anchor O'Donnell NORAH
Not reserved OUTSPOKEN
Not this type?: Abbr ITAL
Novelist Isabel ALLENDE
One who's not out all night? INSOMNIAC
Paid a visit STOPPEDBY
Physicist ___-Marie Ampère ANDRE
Pick up NAB
President beginning in 1995 CHIRAC
Punk theme ANGST
Scammer's target SAP
Setback LOSS
Ship captained by Vicente Yáñez Pinzón NINA
Silver screen name? FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
Skateboard trick named after its originator OLLIE
Some seaweeds KELPS
Sooner or later ADVERB
Southern city that's the setting for 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil' SAVANNAH
T-Pain and Ice-T output RAPS
They'll never hold water STRAINERS
Time's 1963 Man of the Year, informally MLKJR
Trellis strip LATH
U.S. chain stores since 1985 IKEAS
Unleashes on LETSAT
West of Nashville DOTTIE
Where one might take a bullet: Abbr STA
Words before 'to be born' and 'to die' in Ecclesiastes ATIME
Wove (through) SNAKED
Writes a Dear John letter, say ENDSIT