Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - May 1 2014

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Clues Answers
'-- a Kick Out of You' IGET
'-- Poetica' ARS
'Of course' YES
'Tasty!' YUM
'There!' TADA
1936 Olympics star JESSEOWENS
Acapulco gold ORO
Accomplishes DOES
Actress Goddard PAULETTE
Afternoon social TEA
Airs for pairs DUETS
Artesian appellations NOMS
Bandleader Vallee RUDY
Bankroll WAD
Benefits SAKES
Big name in late-night talk CONAN
Bud Selig's org MLB
Cartoonist Goldberg RUBE
Church section APSE
Comical Caesar SID
Commandment count TEN
Commedia dell' -- ARTE
Cries of disdain POOHS
Dawn goddess EOS
Debtor's letters IOU
Diarist Anaïs NIN
Energy PEP
Entice LURE
Facility EASE
First victim ABEL
Flirtatious greeting WINK
Garfield's pal ODIE
Clues Answers
Golden Fleece carrier ARGO
Grandeur MAJESTY
Grouch CRAB
Hammer feature CLAW
Hayek who played Frida SALMA
Internet connector MODEM
Legendary bank robber JESSEJAMES
Listener EAR
Pirouette pivot TOE
Poppycock NONSENSE
Profits NETS
Pt. of speech CONJ
Puts into words SAYS
Remain STAY
Rowing need OAR
Scallopini meat VEAL
Smell ODOR
Society newcomer DEB
Soda shop item STRAW
Spring period MAY
Spruced up NEAT
Sweet potato's kin YAM
Thing ITEM
Toss in ADD
Unwanted email SPAM
Vacuum container BELLJAR
Vicinity AREA
Wall St. debut IPO