New York Times - Apr 25 2014

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Clues Answers
'Cupid is a knavish ___': 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' LAD
'Just wait ...' YOULLSEE
'This statement is false,' e.g PARADOX
'Watch ___ amazed' (magician's phrase) ANDBE
Allstate subsidiary ESURANCE
Bamboozled HAD
Biographical data AGES
BlackBerry routers IPHONES
Campaign issue TAXES
Changes for the big screen ADAPTS
Classic Jaguar XKE
Colorful party intoxicant JELLOSHOT
Complain loudly RAISEHELL
Completely dry, as a racetrack FAST
Cream, for example TRIO
Drinks stirred in pitchers ADES
Elvis hit with a spelled-out title TROUBLE
Expenditure OUTLAY
Five-time U.S. presidential candidate in the early 1900s DEBS
Gallery event ARTSALE
Germany, to Britain EXENEMY
Hat, slangily LID
Hot shot? SEXSCENE
Hypothetical particle in cold dark matter AXION
It helps you focus RITALIN
It takes two nuts UBOLT
It's nothing new DEJAVU
Juniors' juniors, briefly SOPHS
Latin word in legal briefs IDEM
Like many academic halls IVIED
Like sour grapes TART
Long in Hollywood NIA
Love letters XOXOXO
Clues Answers
Mil. bigwig GENL
More than startle TERRIFY
Nike rival FILA
Obsessive need to check one's email or Facebook, say INFOMANIA
One foraging GATHERER
One who deals with stress well? POET
Org. with the New York Liberty WNBA
Organ part PEDAL
Princess Leia was one in 'A New Hope' HOLOGRAM
Punishment, metaphorically LUMPS
Put on AIRED
Puzzle solver's complaint IMSTUCK
Reuben ingredient, informally KRAUT
Rub it in GLOAT
Scale with the highest reading at midday, usually UVINDEX
School handout EXAMPAPER
Sharp-pointed instruments STYLETS
Short jackets ETONS
Show horse MRED
Shrill howl CATERWAUL
Strong and regal LEONINE
Sucker CHUMP
Supermodel Lima ADRIANA
T-shirt sizes, for short SML
Take it easy CHILLAX
Tennis smash? LOVESET
Those, to José ESOS
Turn down DENY
U.P.S. cargo: Abbr PKGS
Unlocked area? BALDSPOT
Vostok 1 passenger GAGARIN
Where French ships dock HAVRE
[Back off!] GRR
___ Halladay, two-time Cy Young Award winner ROY