Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Apr 24 2014

Clues Answers
'-- Little Teapot' IMA
'Backdraft' building FIREHOUSE
'Where have you --?' BEEN
'Ya think?' DUH
-- -do-well NEER
-- accompli FAIT
-- podrida OLLA
... and another SOW
Actress Longoria EVA
Arrears DEBT
Arrive COME
Auditioner's hope CALLBACK
Bill's partner COO
Capri or Wight ISLE
Chicken-king link ALA
Confront FACE
Corn eater's castoff COB
Depressed LOW
Distort SKEW
Doctor's service, of yore HOUSECALL
Dread FEAR
Egos' counterparts IDS
Elderly AGED
Entanglements KNOTS
Ersatz chocolate CAROB
Exist ARE
Fabric dye brand RIT
Falsehood LIE
Feedbag fill OATS
Flightless flock EMUS
Gluck's '-- ed Euridice' ORFEO
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Clues Answers
Have exactly the wrong effect BACKFIRE
Hired hoodlum GOON
Honest politician? ABE
In vitro items OVA
Inseparable ONE
Mainlander's memento LEI
Mexican entree TACO
Misfortune ILL
Morse morsel DOT
Needlefish GAR
Niners' home (Abbr.) SF
On the -- vive QUI
One female animal .. DOE
Partner ALLY
Pompeo or Page ELLEN
Preacher's place PULPIT
Resign QUIT
Rue the run ACHE
Send forth EMIT
Sickens AILS
Spitballs WADS
Sprite ELF
Store grain ENSILE
Tender OFFER
Tenth president TYLER
Theater trophy OBIE
They get in the whey CURDS
Veterinarian's clientele PETS
Web address URL
Whine PULE
Yes, in Russian DA