Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Apr 23 2014

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Clues Answers
'-- Abbey' DOWNTON
'-- see clearly now ...' ICAN
'-- the fields we go' OER
'Arabian Nights' bird ROC
'Game of --' THRONES
'The Treasure of the Sierra --' MADRE
Actor Clive OWEN
Always EVER
Antitoxin SERUM
Attend GOTO
Avoidance ESCHEWAL
Away from NNW SSE
Beet recipe BORSCHT
Bill TAB
Blond shade ASH
Bookkeeper (Abbr.) ACCT
Celebrity STAR
Come back RETURN
Comment REMARK
Crippling MAIMING
Disarray MESS
Eastern potentate EMIR
Encountered MET
Exam format ORAL
Felix of 'The Odd Couple' UNGER
Flickering light of a sort STROBE
Founder SINK
Fringe benefit PERK
Gist NUB
Go up RISE
Gorilla APE
Greek vowel ETA
Clues Answers
Gunshot noise REPORT
Hearty brews ALES
History chapters ERAS
Italian wine region ASTI
Journal LOG
Lab eggs OVA
Latvia's capital RIGA
Leading lady? EVE
Literature Nobelist Andre GIDE
Mars' counterpart ARES
Mischievous adventure ESCAPADE
Obama, for ex DEM
Ostrich's cousin EMU
Radiator output STEAM
Relax REST
Shell game item PEA
Sinful habit VICE
Snail on la carte ESCARGOT
Steal from ROB
Tackles' teammates ENDS
Terrible guy? IVAN
Thin pancake CREPE
This and that BOTH
Trusted to a third party ESCROWED
Unruly bunch MOB
Upper limb ARM
Virile MACHO
Wicked EVIL
Wrestling surface MAT
Wrigley product GUM