L.A. Times Daily - Apr 4 2014

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Clues Answers
"Over here!" PSST
"Was __ loud?" ITOO
'20s tennis great Lacoste RENE
1995 Will Smith/Martin Lawrence film BADBOYS
40th st SDAK
Amtrak speedsters ACELAS
Awards named for a location OBIES
Biblical kingdom near the Dead Sea MOAB
Blue LOW
Bob preceder SIREE
Charity, e.g DONEE
Chew (out) REAM
Construction materials IBARS
Corrected, in a way EDITED
Cynical response SNEER
Dander IRE
Dawn goddess AURORA
Designer Saarinen EERO
Donald's address, in comics UNCA
Earned MADE
Equinox mo SEP
Fair ones MAIDENS
Fine cotton threads LISLES
Gallic girlfriends AMIES
Galoot APE
Great time, in slang GAS
Grilling sound SSS
Having no room for hedging YESNO
Jackson follower VANBUREN
Julius Caesar's first name GAIUS
Kids' card game WAR
Leftover bits ORTS
Like a dotted note, in mus STAC
Macduff and Macbeth THANES
Malicious types SERPENTS
Clues Answers
Michaels et al ALS
Not where it's expected to be MISSING
Old empire builder INCA
Pelé's first name EDSON
Prefix with carbon FLUORO
Queasy near the quay SEASICK
Rain cloud NIMBUS
Record DISC
Roman god DEUS
Running back Haynes, first AFL player of the year ABNER
Running pair SNEAKERS
Scholarly milieu ACADEMIA
See 30-Down BANNK
See 4-Down SADKDLE
See 51-Down MIRLROR
See 53-Down BUCDKET
See 8-Down FAMSILY
Seer's challenge EYETEST
Slipped past EASEDBY
Soccer star Freddy ADU
Some tech sch. grads EES
Soweto's home: Abbr RSA
Squeeze plays involve them BUNTS
Store with a star MACYS
Sunday best FINERY
Tandoori bread NAN
Tiny fraction of a min NSEC
Try, as a case HEAR
Whiz PRO
Windsor resident ONTARIAN
With 20-Across, working again, aptly BACK
With 22-Across, what red hair often does, aptly RUNS
With 35-Across, a financially sure thing, aptly MONEY
With 50-Across, do some self-examination, aptly LOOK
With 52-Across, trivial amount, aptly DROP
__ Simbel, site of Ramses II temples ABU