New York Times - Sep 5 2005

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Clues Answers
'60's civil rights org. SNCC
'Bless you' preceder SNEEZE
'Dirty, rotten scoundrel,' e.g. SLUR
'Oh, my!' GEE
'___ la Douce,' 1963 film IRMA
1972 Olympic swimming sensation MARKSPITZ
1992 and '96 third party candidate PEROT
A couple of chips in the pot, say ANTE
Abhor HATE
Andean land PERU
Armada parts SHIPS
Baby carriage PRAM
Bulletin board fastener TACK
California senator BARBARABOXER
Came about AROSE
Cause of distress BANE
Chronicle TALE
Comet feature TAIL
Comment when things are tough … or a title for this puzzle ITSADOGSLIFE
Completely ALL
Country singer Tim MCGRAW
Cousins, e.g. KIN
Exactly right DEADON
Fish-to-be ROE
Floor cleaner MOP
George Eliot's 'Adam ___' BEDE
Grp. with F-16's USAF
Healthful retreat SPA
Henry's fair lady ELIZA
Historical period ERA
Humorist Bennett who co-founded Random House CERF
Ivy League-ish PREPPY
Johanna ___, author of 'Heidi' SPYRI
Kicks out EJECTS
Kneehole site DESK
Knight in shining ___ ARMOR
Long-billed marsh bird SNIPE
Lowlife SCUM
Clues Answers
Lucy's best friend ETHEL
Mama of the Mamas and the Papas CASS
Measles symptom ITCH
Middle of a sink DRAIN
Milky white gem OPAL
More in need POORER
Musical endings CODAS
N.B.A.'s O'Neal, informally SHAQ
Old mattress stuffing STRAW
One guarding the steps of the New York Public Library LION
One-on-one teachers TUTORS
Oodles ALOT
Paintings and such ART
Parsley or bay leaf HERB
Pharmacy weights DRAMS
Pinnacle APEX
Pitts of Hollywood ZASU
Prince Charles's sport POLO
Puppy's cry YELP
Rooster's mate HEN
Rustic lodgings INNS
Sacred songs MOTETS
Shoots the breeze GABS
Shredded TOREUP
Sin city of Genesis GOMORRAH
Singer at Woodstock JOECOCKER
Slow symphonic movement ADAGIO
Slugger with 755 home runs AARON
Tchaikovsky ballet roles SWANS
Tip-off CLUE
Waiter's offering MENU
Water pitcher EWER
What a golfer might shoot PAR
Where Montreal is QUEBEC
Wrangle SPAR
___ and haws HEMS
___ Lee cakes SARA