L.A. Times Daily - Mar 25 2014

Clues Answers
Afternoon socials TEAS
Ancient Egyptian pictograph, e.g GLYPH
Approved of, on Facebook LIKED
Arctic wastelands TUNDRAS
Assembly aid KIT
Baby bed CRIB
Bedbugs, e.g PESTS
Breathing ALIVE
Broadcaster's scheduling unit TIMESLOT
Complicated, as a breakup MESSY
Congregation area NAVE
Dapper pins TIETACKS
Deepest part BOTTOM
Dressed more like an Exeter student PREPPIER
DUI-fighting gp SADD
Email again RESEND
Equestrian competition DRESSAGE
Feels poorly AILS
Fling HURL
Game, __, match SET
Garden locale EDEN
Genetic info transmitter RNA
Get off the fence OPT
Give up, as territory CEDE
Golf club part GRIP
High-tech film effects, for short CGI
Hindu royal RANI
Hoped-for answer to a certain proposal YES
Like Parmesan, commonly GRATED
Lith. and Ukr. were part of it USSR
Located in that place, in legalese THEREAT
Long-extinct birds DODOS
Mekong River language LAO
Missouri tributary PLATTE
Nabisco cookies ... and what you might cry upon solving this puzzle's three other longest answers? CHIPSAHOY
Nervous system transmitter AXON
Newsman Dan RATHER
Nova __ SCOTIA
Clues Answers
Officer Frank Poncherello portrayer of '70s-'80s TV ERIKESTRADA
Onetime Russian monarch TSAR
Open-mouthed AGAPE
Opposition ENEMY
Owns HAS
Place for a Hold 'em game POKERROOM
Racetracks OVALS
Rational state SANITY
Relative of har YUK
Salad go-with SOUP
Sales staff member REP
See 38-Across POOR
Self-serving activity EGOTRIP
Single or double, say BASEHIT
Slippery fish EEL
Slogan seen on computer stickers INTELINSIDE
Sloppy farm area STY
Snowy day toy SLED
Social division CASTE
Some evergreens FIRS
Some highway ramps EXITS
Spreading like wildfire, as online videos VIRAL
Surroundings MILIEU
Swear (to) ATTEST
Tangy TART
Tiny South Pacific nation NAURU
Trace amount DRIB
Treasury Dept. variable GNP
Treelined SHADED
Trojan War hero AENEAS
U.K. flying squad RAF
Veterans Day tradition PARADE
Visualize SEE
Wall Street watchdog org SEC
With 36-Across, needy people THE
With all haste, in memos ASAP
__ de plume NOM