Universal - Mar 22 2014

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Clues Answers
"Bus Stop" playwright INGE
"Give ___ rest!" ITA
"Gunsmoke" deputy CHESTER
"Interview with the Vampire" author RICE
"La Vie en Rose" singer Edith PIAF
"Laverne & Shirley" character Babish EDNA
"No ___, no gain" PAIN
"Ralphie-boy" utterer EDNORTON
"The King ___" ANDI
"The Unfinished Symphony" composer SCHUBERT
"The ___ Edge" (Bill Murray film) RAZORS
"Things that go ___ in the night" BUMP
A nose that shows SNOOT
A, as in eggs? GRADE
Aligns crosshairs AIMS
Best way to leave Vegas? AHEAD
Bit of BBQ RIB
Boxing promoter Bob ARUM
Consequently THUS
Counselor to Capt. Picard TROI
Country film (with "The") CHINASYNDROME
Country film (with "The")? BOYSFROMBRAZIL
Country film (with "The")? PRINCEOFEGYPT
Deep-___ pizza DISH
Europe's second-largest lake ONEGA
Female pig SOW
Fish-catching eagles ERNES
Funk of Funk & Wagnalls ISAAC
Gossiped-about pair ITEM
Groaner of a joke PUN
Half a doorbell sound DONG
He sheds light for Santa RUDOLPH
Horse-and-buggy handful REIN
Hospital staff member INTERN
It's a funny thing HUMOR
It's said the law has a long one ARM
Clues Answers
Lead singer of U2 BONO
Like some points MOOT
Many hospital workers NURSES
Moises or Felipe of the diamond ALOU
Moving vehicles? VANS
Musical speed TEMPO
Odometer unit MILE
Org. that awards the Spingarn Medal NAACP
Out ___ limb ONA
Person of equal rank PEER
Piece of Lamb or Bacon? ESSAY
Place where one asks to be hit RENO
Pole on a sailing ship MAST
R&B legend Redding OTIS
Rock's Tears for ___ FEARS
Ron Howard role of old OPIE
Row of waiters LINE
Rudner or Moreno RITA
School in New Haven YALE
Sitar player Shankar RAVI
Slangy greeting HIYA
Sound heard after a lot of brooding CHIRP
Sports figures STATS
Sue Grafton's "___ for Alibi" AIS
Take a playful poke at TEASE
Twice from thrice ONCE
White-crested duck SMEW
Wine's partner DINE
X-ray relative MRI
Zero, to soccer fans NIL
___ Bator, Mongolia ULAN
___ de Cologne EAU
___ Hall (New Jersey campus) SETON
___ Lodge (motel chain) ECONO
___ the crack of dawn UPAT